Impeach Bush--Index 10
July 31, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

National Security Council, White House and State Department discussed Ms. Wilson
When Pincus' article ran on June 12, the circle of senior officials who knew about the identity of Wilson's wife expanded. "After Pincus," a former intelligence officer says, "there was general discussion with the National Security Council and the White House and State Department and others" about Wilson's trip and its origins.

July 28, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Military Lawyers Opposed Bush's Torture Orders
WASHINGTON, July 27 - Senior military lawyers lodged vigorous and detailed dissents in early 2003 as an administration legal task force concluded that President Bush had authority as commander in chief to order harsh interrogations of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, newly disclosed documents show.

July 29, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

State Dept. Now Says Bolton Lied
WASHINGTON - John Bolton, President Bush's nominee for U.N. ambassador, neglected to tell Congress he had been interviewed in a government investigation into faulty prewar intelligence that Iraq was seeking nuclear materials in Africa, the State Department said.

July 27, 2005
Novak told not to leak Ms. Wilson's name
Harlow, the former CIA spokesman, said in an interview yesterday that he testified last year before a grand jury about conversations he had with Novak at least three days before the column was published. He said he warned Novak, in the strongest terms he was permitted to use without revealing classified information, that Wilson's wife had not authorized the mission and that if he did write about it, her name should not be revealed.

July 28, 2005
Biden asks whether Bolton lied
Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee say they want to determine whether Bolton was truthful when he wrote on a questionnaire for his confirmation hearing that he has not been interviewed in any recent investigations.

July 24, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Military caught making up quotes
"The terrorists are attacking the infrastructure, the ISF and all of Iraq. They are enemies of humanity without religion or any sort of ethics. They have attacked my community today and I will now take the fight to the terrorists."

"The terrorists are attacking the infrastructure, the children and all of Iraq,' said one Iraqi man who preferred not to be identified. 'They are enemies of humanity without religion or any sort of ethics. They have attacked my community today and I will now take the fight to the terrorists."

July 24, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Gonzales gave White House 12 hours to destroy documents
That notification came at 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 29, 2003, but it took Mr. Gonzales 12 more hours to inform the White House staff that it must "preserve all materials" relevant to the investigation. This 12-hour delay, he has said, was sanctioned by the Justice Department, but since the department was then run by John Ashcroft, a Bush loyalist who refused to recuse himself from the Plame case, inquiring Senate Democrats would examine this 12-hour delay as closely as an 18½-minute tape gap.

July 15, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Former Plame Colleague Criticizes President Bush and His Aides
uly 23 (Bloomberg) -- A former CIA colleague of Valerie Plame and professed Republican gave the Democrats' weekly radio address, saying President George W. Bush broke his promise to fire whoever disclosed her identity as a covert agent.

July 24, 2005
Army Likely to Fall Short in Recruiting
"We will likely miss recruiting missions for all three components," said General Hagenbeck, voicing publicly what many senior Army officials have said privately for weeks.

July 22, 2005
Ex-CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak
WASHINGTON -- Former U.S. intelligence officers criticized President Bush on Friday for not disciplining Karl Rove in connection with the leak of the name of a CIA officer, saying Bush's lack of action has jeopardized national security.>

July 22, 2005
Rove, Libby Accounts on Plame Differ With Reporters'
July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Two top White House aides have given accounts to a special prosecutor about how reporters first told them the identity of a CIA agent that are at odds with what the reporters have said, according to people familiar with the case.

July 20, 2005
National Guard: Moral low, Training inadequate
WASHINGTON - A majority of U.S. soldiers in Iraq say morale is low, according to an Army report that finds psychological stress is weighing particularly heavily on National Guard and Reserve troops.
And only 28 percent of the Guard troops rated their level of training as high . .

July 25, 2005
Roberts says he'll recuse himself from abortion etc.
Renowned for his unflappable style in oral argument, Roberts appeared nonplused and, according to sources in the meeting, answered after a long pause that he would probably have to recuse himself.

July 15, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Feith: Administration Overdid WMD Claims
"I don't think there is any question that we as an administration, instead of giving proper emphasis to all major elements of the rationale for war, overemphasized the WMD aspect," he said, using the abbreviation for weapons of mass destruction.

July 19, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

'25,000 civilians' killed in Iraq
Nearly 25,000 civilians have died violently in Iraq since the US-led invasion in March 2003, a report says.

The dossier, based on media reports, says US-led forces were responsible for more than a third of the deaths.

The survey was carried out by the UK-based Iraq Body Count and Oxford Research Group - which includes academics and peace activists.

July 03, 2005
Two-thirds believe London bombings are linked to Iraq wa
Two-thirds of Britons believe there is a link between Tony Blair's decision to invade Iraq and the London bombings despite government claims to the contrary, according to a Guardian/ICM poll published today.

July 18, 2005
Special Prosecutor's Probe Centers on Rove, Memo, Phone Calls
The memo, prepared by the State Department on July 7, 2003, informed top administration officials that the wife of ex-diplomat and Bush critic Joseph Wilson was a CIA agent. Seven days later, Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, was publicly identified as a CIA operative by syndicated columnist Robert Novak.

July 18, 2005
Did U.S. Make U.K. a Target?
The Royal Institute of International Affairs (search) and the Economic and Social Research Council (search) said the situation in Iraq had given "a boost to the Al Qaeda network's propaganda, recruitment and fund-raising" and provided an ideal training ground for Al Qaeda-linked terrorists.

July 14, 2005
Uzbekistan Evicts US
Uzbekistan has formally evicted the US from a base that has served as a hub for its combat operations in Afghanistan, the Washington Post reported yesterday.

July 14, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Bush Approved Plan to Subvert Iraq Elections
WASHINGTON, July 16 - In the months before the Iraqi elections in January, President Bush approved a plan to provide covert support to certain Iraqi candidates and political parties, but rescinded the proposal because of Congressional opposition, current and former government officials said Saturday.

July 14, 2005
Frist puts campaign money in stock market, then lost it
The Tennessee Republican also defended his decision in 2000 to invest $1 million of his contributors' money in the stock market even though that investment lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

July 14, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Abu Ghraib Tactics Were First Used at Guantanamo
Interrogators at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, forced a stubborn detainee to wear women's underwear on his head, confronted him with snarling military working dogs and attached a leash to his chains, according to a newly released military investigation that shows the tactics were employed there months before military police used them on detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

July 11, 2005
Press Batters McClellan on Rove/Plame Link
Then on Sunday, Newsweek revealed a Cooper e-mail from July 2003 that showed that Rove indeed had talked to him about Plame and her CIA employment, although he apparently did not mention that she worked under cover.

This development apparently freed the journalists to hit McClellan hard at this afternoon's briefing. In September and October 2003, McClellan had rejected as "ridiculous" any suggestion that Rove was involved in the Plame leak. Today, Rove didn't quite get off "Scott free."

July 07, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

CNN video censored at Guantanamo prison
GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba, July 7 (UPI) -- Taking up U.S. President George Bush's challenge for reporters to visit the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba, CNN did, but its video was censored.

July 07, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Bremer's Slush Fund
· Bremer maintained one slush fund of nearly $600m in cash for which there is no paperwork: $200m of it was kept in a room in one of Saddam's former palaces

· 19 billion new Iraqi dinars, worth about £6.5m, was found on a plane in Lebanon that had been sent there by the new Iraqi interior minister

· One ministry claimed to be paying 8,206 guards, but only 602 could be found<<br />
· One American agent was given $23m to spend on restructuring; only $6m is accounted for

June 28, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Auditors: Halliburton Overcharged Taxpayers $1 Billion
Bunny Greenhouse, the Army Corps of Engineers' top contracting official-turned whistle-blower, said in testimony at a hearing by Democrats on Capitol Hill that "every aspect" of Halliburton's oil contract in Iraq had been under the control of the Office of the Secretary of Defence.

"I can unequivocally state that the abuse related to contracts awarded to KBR (Kellogg Brown and Root) represents the most blatant and improper contract abuse I have witnessed during the course of my professional career," said Greenhouse, a procurement veteran of more than 20 years

July 06, 2005
Halliburton's Higher Bill
The increased bill parallels ballooning overall costs in Iraq. President Bush said in March 2003 that combat in Iraq would cost about $60 billion. But the cost for military operations alone had hit $135.3 billion as of March 2005, according to the Office of Management and Budget. The price tag would be far higher if the costs to fund the Coalition Provisional Authority, reconstruction projects and intelligence operations were included.

June 15, 2005
Investigate Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham
Cunningham sold his Del Mar house for $1,675,000 in November 2003 to Mitchell Wade, a defense contractor. Wade put the Del Mar house back on the market shortly after buying it, where it remained unsold and vacant for more than eight months. It eventually sold for $700,000 less than what Wade had paid Cunningham.

July 03, 2005
Terrorists smuggled into US
Many smuggling pipelines through Latin America and Canada have illegally channeled thousands of people from countries identified by the U.S. government as sponsors or supporters of terrorism.

July 02, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Diego Garcia--Home of CIA's 'newly disappeared'
WASHINGTON, July 02 (SANA): From satellite pictures, Diego Garcia looks like paradise.

These prisoners are known as "ghost detainees" or the "new disappeared," and they're being subjected to treatment that makes the abuses at the military-run Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad and Guantanamo Bay camp in Cuba look small-time, say intelligence analysts.

July 03, 2005
It's time to put a fork in Karl Rove
And as Sean Hannity sets up his live broadcast outside the hospice maintaining Rove's political career on life support, the question on Helen Thomas's sumptuous lips will be, "Did the President know?" And if he did, "When?" This time no longer will anyone be able to look to the Brain for the answer.

July 03, 2005
In 2002, 15 Percent of Wealthy People Paid No Tax
The number of affluent individuals and married couples who paid no federal income taxes jumped more than 15 percent in 2002, to 5,650, government data released last week showed.

June 29, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

The war before the war
Britain and the US carried out a secret bombing campaign against Iraq months before the tanks went over the border in March 2003. Michael Smith pieces together the evidence.

The same document also stated bluntly that "regime change per se is not a proper basis for military action under international law" and it was therefore "necessary to create the conditions in which we could legally support military action".

June 29, 2005
Fact checking Bush's speech
Now, many analysts inside and outside the government portray Iraq as a breeding ground for terrorist groups, in part because of mistakes made by the administration after it defeated Hussein and occupied Iraq.

January 12, 2003
An Impeachable Offense

Don't bother, Rice replied: The president has made a decision
Only later did it become clear that the president already had made up his mind. In July, the State Department's director of policy planning, Richard N. Haass, held a regular meeting with Rice and asked whether they should talk about the pros and cons of confronting Iraq.

Don't bother, Rice replied: The president has made a decision.

June 29, 2005
Our Presidents New Best Friend Boils People Alive
Human Rights Watch has learned that the body of Muzafar Avazov, a 35-year old father of four, showed signs of burns on the legs, buttocks, lower back and arms. Sixty to seventy percent of the body was burnt, according to official sources. Doctors who saw the body reported that such burns could only have been caused by immersing Avazov in boiling water. Those who saw the body also reported that there was a large, bloody wound on the back of the head, heavy bruising on the forehead and side of the neck, and that his hands had no fingernails.

June 29, 2005
Blair Confirms Authenticity of Downing Street Memo
The Prime Minister has confirmed the authenticity of a Downing Street memo in which Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, tells Mr Blair that the Bush administration was "fixing" the intelligence and facts about Saddam Hussein's regime to back up a decision that had been taken to invade Iraq as early as July 2002.

June 26, 2005
Memo to editors: Cover memos
No topic has funneled more recent outrage to this desk than what have become known as the Downing Street memos. Critics charge that the leaked British intelligence documents are further evidence that the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq was a done deal at least eight months earlier, rather than a last resort, and that the administration scammed a timid Congress while assuring a fearful American public that an invasion decision had not been made.

June 29, 2005
Downing Street Reporter

Interview with Michael Smith
Q: And finally, if you were a member of the White House Press Corps, what would you ask President Bush with respect to the Downing Street Documents?

A: Mr President. Did you in any way whatsoever authorise Donald Rumsfeld to order US aircraft to step up bombing attacks on targets in southern Iraq during the summer of 2002 and if not why did you not point this out at the National Security Council meeting on August 5, 2002 at which Tommy Franks said he was using the increased flights over the southern no-fly zone to make the Iraqi defences "as weak as possible" in preparation for war?

I have a follow-up question Mr President. When did Congress authorise you to take military action against Iraq?

June 29, 2005
Excerpts from Downing Street memos
"Condi's enthusiasm for regime change is undimmed. But there were some signs, since we last spoke, of greater awareness of the practical difficulties and political risks. . . . From what she said, Bush has yet to find the answers to the big questions: How to persuade international opinion that military action against Iraq is necessary and justified; What value to put on the exiled Iraqi opposition; How to coordinate a US/allied military campaign with internal opposition; (assuming there is any); What happens on the morning after?"

June 20, 2005
FBI Won't Mandate Terror Expertise
WASHINGTON -- FBI supervisors in the war on terror have acknowledged they lacked expertise, but Director Robert Mueller says he is unwilling to require such managers to have backgrounds in Arabic, the Middle East or international issues.

June 28, 2005
Will Time Inc. Hand Over Documents and Keep Cooper Out of Jail?
While New York Times officials have maintained that Miller will not reveal the source who leaked to her the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame, a source close to Time Inc. told E&P that the company is considering handing over documents that would reveal the source.

June 29, 2005
VA Faces $2.6 Billion Shortfall in Medical Care
The Bush administration disclosed yesterday that it had vastly underestimated the number of service personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan seeking medical treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and warned that the health care programs will be short at least $2.6 billion next year unless Congress approves additional funds.

June 24, 2005
US acknowledges torture at Guantanamo; in Iraq, Afghanistan - UN
GENEVA (AFX) - Washington has, for the first time, acknowledged to the United Nations that prisoners have been tortured at US detention centres in Guantanamo Bay, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq, a UN source said.

June 23, 2005
The Real News in the Downing Street Memos
It is now nine months since I obtained the first of the "Downing Street memos"

But Downing Street had a "clever" plan that it hoped would trap Hussein into giving the allies the excuse they needed to go to war. It would persuade the U.N. Security Council to give the Iraqi leader an ultimatum to let in the weapons inspectors.

Put simply, U.S. aircraft patrolling the southern no-fly zone were dropping a lot more bombs in the hope of provoking a reaction that would give the allies an excuse to carry out a full-scale bombing campaign, an air war, the first stage of the conflict.

June 23, 2005
49% Say Bush Responsible for Provoking Iraq War-
June 23, 2005--Forty-nine percent (49%) of Americans say that President Bush is more responsible for starting the War with Iraq than Saddam Hussein. A Rasmussen Reports survey found that 44% take the opposite view and believe Hussein shoulders most of the responsibility.

June 15, 2005
Schiavo autopsy finds no sign of trauma
LARGO, Florida (AP) -- An autopsy on Terri Schiavo backed her husband's contention that she was in a persistent vegetative state, finding that she had massive and irreversible brain damage and was blind, the medical examiner's office said Wednesday. It also found no evidence that she was strangled or otherwise abused.

June 13, 2005
Polls, and Reports from Iraq, Reveal Pessimism on War
The new Gallup survey finds that 59% of Americans say the United States should withdraw some or all of its troops from Iraq, the largest number in that category ever. Nearly half of that number, 28%, want all troops out. And, for the first time, most Americans say they would be "upset" if President Bush sent more troops.

June 14, 2005
More British memos on prewar concerns
But now, war critics have come up with seven more memos, verified by NBC News. One, says U.S. military planners had given "little thought" to postwar Iraq.

June 18, 2005
U.S. Campaign Produces Few Convictions on Terrorism Charges
An analysis of the Justice Department's own list of terrorism prosecutions by The Washington Post shows that 39 people...were convicted of crimes related to terrorism or national security.

June 18, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

White House official edited global warming report
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- A White House official, who previously worked for the American Petroleum Institute, has repeatedly edited government climate reports in a way that downplays links between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

Philip Cooney, chief of staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, made changes to descriptions of climate research that had already been approved by government scientists and their supervisors, the newspaper said, citing internal documents.

June 12, 2005
Ministers were told of need for Gulf war 'excuse'
MINISTERS were warned in July 2002 that Britain was committed to taking part in an American-led invasion of Iraq and they had no choice but to find a way of making it legal.

The warning, in a leaked Cabinet Office briefing paper, said Tony Blair had already agreed to back military action to get rid of Saddam Hussein at a summit at the Texas ranch of President George W Bush three months earlier.

June 11, 2005
Army Recruiting More High School Dropouts
WASHINGTON, June 10 - The Army is having to turn to more high school dropouts and lower-achieving applicants to fill its ranks, accepting hundreds of recruits in recent months who would have been rejected a year ago, according to Army statistics.

Another recruiter, in New York, who insisted on anonymity for the same reason, said this month that the Army seemed to care less about quality than about filling the holes left by soldiers who decline to re-enlist. "It's about one thing: numbers," he said.

June 10, 2005
Terror allegations disappear from Lodi court filing
The Los Angeles Times reports that the Federal Bureau of Invesigation apparently gave the media a different, far more damaging version of an affidavit against a Lodi, California father and son charged with lying to federal officials than the one that was finally given to a court in Sacramento Thursday.

The affidavit filed Thursday did not contain any of the sensation material from earlier in the week which said the son's "potential terrorist targets included hospitals and groceries, and contained names of key individuals and statements about the international origins of 'hundreds' of participants in alleged Al Qaeda terrorist training camps in Pakistan."

May, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Letter to Pres Bush Concerning the "Downing Street Minutes
As many of you are aware, a classified memo was recently disclosed in Great Britain that I believe has serious ramifications for the integrity of the United States Government. Dubbed the "Downing Street Memo," but actually comprising the minutes of a meeting of Prime Minister Tony Blair and other top British government officials, the memo casts serious doubt on many of the contentions of the Bush Administration in the lead up to the Iraq war.  With over 1,600 U.S. servicemen and servicewomen killed in Iraq, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and over $200 billion in taxpayer funds going to this war effort, we cannot afford to stand by any longer.June 11, 2005
Poll: Bush Job Approval Dips to New Low
WASHINGTON (AP) -- When it comes to public approval, President Bush and Congress are playing "how low can you go." Bush's approval mark is 43 percent, while Congress checks in at 31 percent, an Associated Press-Ipsos poll found. Both are the lowest levels yet for the survey, started in December 2003.

June 03, 2005
12,000 Iraqis killed over the past 18 months
BAGHDAD, June 2 -- Insurgent violence has claimed the lives of 12,000 Iraqis over the past 18 months, Interior Minister Bayan Jabr said Thursday, giving the first official count for the largest category of victims of bombings, ambushes and other increasingly deadly attacks. /td>

June 04, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Bolton Said to Orchestrate Unlawful Firings at UN
John R. Bolton flew to Europe in 2002 to confront the head of a global arms-control agency and demand he resign, then orchestrated the firing of the unwilling diplomat in a move a U.N. tribunal has since judged unlawful, according to officials involved.

The United Nations' highest administrative tribunal later condemned the action as an "unacceptable violation" of principles protecting international civil servants. The OPCW session's Swiss chairman now calls it an "unfortunate precedent" and Bustani a "man with merit."

June 06, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Amnesty International: US has secret jails
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The chief of Amnesty International USA alleged Sunday that the Guantanamo Bay detention camp is part of a worldwide network of U.S. jails, some of them secret, where prisoners are mistreated and even killed./td>

May 31, 2005
Iraq : 400 soldiers patrol 10,000 square miles
TAL AFAR, Iraq - U.S. Army officers in the badland deserts of northwest Iraq, near the Syrian border, say they don't have enough troops to hold the ground they take from insurgents in this transit point for weapons, money and foreign fighters.

From last October to the end of April, there were about 400 soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division patrolling the northwest region, which covers about 10,000 square miles.

June 07, 2005
US military spending tops combined total of next 32 countries combined
ith expenditure of $455 billion, the United States accounted for almost half the global figure, more than the combined total of the 32 next most powerful nations, said SIPRI, which is widely recognized for the reliability of its data.

May 24, 2005
Hume's report on Uzbekistan neglected to mention evidence of U.S. rendition policy
Fox News devoted a full segment of the May 23 edition of Special Report with Brit Hume to political repression and human rights abuses in Uzbekistan, but failed to mention that the United States regularly sends terrorism suspects to Uzbekistan for interrogation, in a practice called rendition, according to news reports. The Central Intelligence Agency has rendered dozens of U.S.-held detainees to Uzbekistan for detention and interrogation despite world condemnation of the government's torture of prisoners. /td>

May 01, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

The Downing Street memo
23 July 2002: Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC had no patience with the UN route, and no enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record. There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action.

May 25, 2005
Newsweek Koran Story May be True
Nearly a dozen detainees at the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba told FBI interrogators that guards had mistreated copies of the Koran, including one who said in 2002 that guards "flushed a Koran in the toilet," according to new FBI documents released today.

May 25, 2005
Has Bush run out of political capital?
President Bush declared that he had earned plenty of "political capital, and now I intend to spend it." Six months later, according to Republicans and Democrats alike, his bank account has been significantly drained.

May 25, 2005
Defensive Bush Lashes Out Against Amnesty Report
An angry President Bush reacted to a report by the human rights organization Amnesty International which criticized the treatment of prisoners at the American run prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Bush used the word 'absurd' to describe the report. In fact, the president said 'absurd' four times in a ten sentence response to a question about the Amnesty report during a press conference at the Rose Garden Tuesday.

May 27, 2005
Schwarzenegger: San Jose crews destroy part of road for staged event
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger traveled to a quiet San Jose neighborhood Thursday, and -- dogged by protesters -- filled a pothole dug by city crews just a few hours before, as part of an attempt to dramatize his efforts to increase money for transportation projects.

May 30, 2005
Memorial Day/Praise bravery, seek forgiveness
"The Downing Street Mimutes" : In exchange for our uniformed young people's willingness to offer the gift of their lives, civilian Americans owe them something important: It is our duty to ensure that they never are called to make that sacrifice unless it is truly necessary for the security of the country. In the case of Iraq, the American public has failed them; we did not prevent the Bush administration from spending their blood in an unnecessary war based on contrived concerns about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. President Bush and those around him lied, and the rest of us let them.

May 20, 2005
Valerie Plame by John Dean
In that event, it is quite likely - and many lawyers following the case believe - that the investigation has shifted to possible charges of perjury and/or obstruction of justice, more than likely by big fish.

May 25, 2005
Military opposed to publishing negative war news
Less than half - 47 percent - of respondents to the Military Times Poll said that in wartime, the media should publish or broadcast news stories that suggest the war is not going well.

And when asked who should determine whether such stories are published or broadcast, nearly half said that decision should be left to government or military leaders, not the media itself. Only 35 percent said the media should decide.

May 27, 2005
Delay PAC found guilty
AUSTIN, Texas - A state judge ruled yesterday that the treasurer of a political fund-raising committee organized by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, violated the state's election law by failing to report $684,507 in contributions from corporations and other donors in 2002.

May 25, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

US backed illegal oil deals in Iraq
The United States administration turned a blind eye to extensive sanctions-busting in the prewar sale of Iraqi oil, according to a new Senate investigation.

In fact, the Senate report found that US oil purchases accounted for 52% of the kickbacks paid to the regime in return for sales of cheap oil - more than the rest of the world put together.

May 21, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Candid snaps show Hussein in half naked
The Red Cross criticized the publication of the photos, saying it probably violated guidelines for the humane treatment of prisoners outlined in the Geneva Conventions. Others suggested that the publication of such humiliating photos would offend Muslim sensibilities and fan anti-American sentiment.

May 23, 2005
Tillman's Parents Are Critical Of Army
Former NFL player Pat Tillman's family is lashing out against the Army, saying that the military's investigations into Tillman's friendly-fire death in Afghanistan last year were a sham and that Army efforts to cover up the truth have made it harder for them to deal with their loss.

May 25, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Amnesty rebukes U.S. on human rights
LONDON -- Amnesty International castigated the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay as a failure today, calling it "the gulag of our time" in the human rights group's harshest rebuke yet of American detention policies.

May 15, 2005
US under fire on Iraq Oil for Food Scandal
The United States did not do enough to curb corruption by American firms involved in the United Nations' oil-for-food program in Iraq, Democrats on a Senate committee investigating abuses of the program said.

May 10, 2005
US real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years
Real wages in the US are falling at their fastest rate in 14 years, according to data surveyed by the Financial Times by the Economic Policy Institute

May 13, 2005
Bush Not Notified of Possible Terrorist Attack on Washington
Q: Scott, yesterday the White House was on red alert, was evacuated. The first lady and Nancy Reagan were taken to a secure location. The Vice President was evacuated from the grounds. The Capitol building was evacuated. The continuity of government plan was initiated. And yet the president wasn't told of yesterday's events until after he finished his bike ride, about 36 minutes after the all-clear had been sent. Is he satisfied with the fact that he wasn't notified about this?

The 911 Report
An Impeachable Offense

The System Was Blinking Red
Tenet told us that in his world "the system was blinking red." By late July, Tenet said, it could not "get any worse."

May 11, 2005
Family Values Bush Appointee Accused of Marital Rape and Sodomy
According to Davis, Hager's public moralizing on sexual matters clashed with his deplorable treatment of her during their marriage. Davis alleges that between 1995 and their divorce in 2002, Hager repeatedly sodomized her without her consent.

For the next seven years Hager sodomized Davis without her consent while she slept roughly once a month until their divorce in 2002.

April 6, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Deficits: Republicans are the problem
They have been aided and abetted by President Bush, who not only refuses to veto anything, but also aggressively worked to ram a $23.5 trillion (of which $18.2 trillion must be covered by the general revenue) expansion of Medicare down the throats of the few small government conservatives left in the House.

It is simply unrealistic to think we can finance a 50 percent increase in spending as a share of gross domestic product - which is what is in the pipeline - just by running ever-larger deficits. Sooner or later, that bubble is going to burst

April 28, 2005
Pentagon Releases More War Casualty Homecoming Images
In response to Freedom of Information Act requests and a lawsuit, the Pentagon this week released hundreds of previously secret images of casualties returning to honor guard ceremonies from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and other conflicts, confirming that images of their flag-draped coffins are rightfully part of the public record, despite its earlier insistence that such images should be kept secret.

April 22, 2005
The Two Faces of Bankruptcy
No longer. At the behest of banks and credit-card companies, Congress has passed and the president has just signed new legislation making it much harder for many Americans to start over.

Meanwhile, many of America's corporations are using corporate bankruptcy to stay in business while being relieved from all sorts of contractual obligations. Several major airlines, for example, are in bankruptcy, but they continue to fly.

April 05, 2005
The War on Judges
Irresponsible Rhetoric Can Lead to Tragic Results

Outside the halls of Congress, words flew even more recklessly and the House Majority Leader Tom DeLay called the removal of Schiavo's feeding tube an "act of medical terrorism." The Reverend Pat Robertson called it "judicial murder."

This apparent effort to rationalize violence against judges is deplorable. On its face, while it contains doubletalk that simultaneously offers a justification for such violence and then claims not to, the fundamental core of the statement seems to be that judges have somehow brought this violence on themselves.

April 08, 2005
Republicans Groups want Kennedy Impeached
Conservative leaders meeting in Washington yesterday for a discussion of "Remedies to Judicial Tyranny" decided that Kennedy, a Ronald Reagan appointee, should be impeached, or worse.

Invoking Stalin, Vieira delivered the "no man, no problem" line twice...

April 05, 2005
An Impeachable Offense

Exclusion of Citizens from Presidential Events
WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Representatives Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) formally requested the House Government Reform Committee to investigate recent incidents in which American citizens were denied entrance to or were removed from taxpayer-funded Presidential events open to the public because of their political beliefs.

April 05, 2005
Gallup: Bush Approval Rating Lowest Ever for 2nd-Term Prez at this Point
NEW YORK It's not uncommon to hear or read pundits referring to President George W. Bush as a "popular" leader or even a "very popular" one. Even some of his critics in the press refer to him this way. Perhaps they need to check the latest polls.

President Bush's approval rating has plunged to the lowest level of any president since World War II at this point in his second term, the Gallup Organization reported today.

The 911 Report
US ignored work of U.N. arms inspectors
Months before U.S. troops attacked Iraq in March 2003, the IAEA challenged every piece of evidence the Bush administration offered to support claims of a nuclear program there, according to the commission.