Impeach Bush--Index 32

August 15, 2006
The Pols Who Cried Wolf
Of the hundreds of prisoners, alleged terrorists all, who have been held at Guantanamo on the grounds that they were the worst of the worst, only 10 have ever been charged with anything. In the latest episode, shortly after announcement of a British-based plot to blow up airliners, Britain and the United States were airing their differences over when the perpetrators should have been arrested.

The administration has put itself in the position of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. If, God forbid, a serious terrorist conspiracy is uncovered, there will be a tendency to dismiss it in a backlash to these over-hyped "plots."

July Survey/Posted August 21, 2006
Survey: Evidence of Political Interference at FDA
I. Interference with Scientific Determinations at the FDA
Large numbers of agency scientists reported interference with their scientific work:

  • Almost one in five (18 percent) responded, "I have been asked, for non-scientific reasons, to inappropriately exclude or alter technical information or my conclusions in an FDA scientific document."

August 17, 2006
NSA Ruling (HTML) - wiretapping is unconstitutional
The Government appears to argue here that, pursuant to the penumbra of Constitutional language in Article II, and particularly because the President is designated Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy, he has been granted the inherent power to violate not only the laws of the Congress but the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution, itself

August 18, 2006
Judge's ruling may provide grounds to impeach Bush
Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University and a recognized expert on constitutional law, says the ruling Thursday by a federal judge in Detroit raises "serious implications for the Bush administration" and indicates that the President "could well have committed a federal crime at least 30 times."

"This ruling is a bad situation that just got worse for the White House," says Turley. "These crimes could constitute impeachable offenses."

August 17, 2006
Hatch should stop terrorizing us. It's a crime. Besides, terrorism has flourished since republicans took over.

Hatch says Demo win could help terrorists.
Sen. Orrin Hatch, who continuously decries the bitter partisanship in Washington, implied this week that Democratic success in November's election could result in terrorist attacks on America.

Hatch was quoted in Tuesday's Tooele Transcript Bulletin as saying Middle East terrorists are "waiting for the Democrats here to take control, let things cool off and then strike again."

August 18, 2006
US troops accused of Haditha cover-up
A report in the New York Times this morning claimed that the marine unit's logbook was missing pages from the day of the killings and that videotape taken by an unmanned drone aircraft was withheld from investigators until senior officials intervened.

August 17, 2006
Republicans Losing NASCAR Voter
Polling by Zogby International in August found that while more than half of NASCAR fans voted for President George W. Bush in 2004, 56 percent now say the country is on the wrong track.

August 17, 2006
Iraq Doubles Oil Imports
Even though Iraq has the world's third-largest proven oil reserves, it is forced to depend on imports because of an acute shortage of refined products such as gasoline, kerosene and cooking gas. Sabotage of pipelines by insurgents, corruption and aging refineries have been blamed.

August 17, 2006
Half mid-income adults can't pay medical costs
NEW YORK - About half of adults in middle-income families reported serious problems in paying for their health care while even those in more affluent circumstances said they had troubles with medical bills, a new survey found.

Forty-eight percent of individuals in families earnings between $35,000 and $49,999 said they had either a somewhat serious or very serious problem paying their medical bills in the last two years, according to a study by The Commonwealth Fund. Meanwhile, 50 percent of adults in that income bracket said they had difficulties affording their health insurance.

August 17, 2006
Judge: Wiretap program unconstitutional
DETROIT - A federal judge ruled Thursday that the government's warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it.

U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the National Security Agency's program, which she says violates the rights to free speech and privacy as well as the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution.

August 15, 2006
The pro war side we can't leave because things will get worse. At this rate 34,000 Iraqs will die over the next 10 months. How can it get any worse?

Iraqi Death Toll Rose Above 3,400 in July
An average of more than 110 Iraqis were killed each day in July, according to the figures. The total number of civilian deaths that month, 3,438, is a 9 percent increase over the tally in June and nearly double the toll in January.

August 13, 2006
These are the same guys running the "war on terrorism." If we call them inept, that would be too mild for this level of incompetence.

Chuck Roberts apologizes to Lamont for saying he's "the Al-Qaeda candidate"
The veiled accusations and vehement denials would continue for nearly five years - despite official findings in 2001 that he had no terrorist links and in 2003 that authorities had violated his rights by colluding to keep him in custody.

The alleged abuses would have been bad enough.

But as a judge eventually pointed out, something else was amiss: Benatta was never charged with a crime.

The FBI grillings stopped sometime in November 2001, when an internal report was prepared saying he was cleared. On paper, he was no longer a terror suspect.

No one bothered to tell him.

August 14, 2006
Networks failed to identify conservative commentator as a government employee
A Loop Fan writes: "Please explain to your readers how a government official who is paid by hard-earned taxpayer dollars is allowed to moonlight as a Republican mouthpiece on television."

The anonymous inquiry included a photo of Labor Department deputy assistant secretary Karen Czarnecki appearing on Fox News as a "conservative strategist." She's also a regular "conservative analyst" on the PBS show "To the Contrary" and, according to her department biography, has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, Canadian Public Broadcasting and C-SPAN.

August 17, 2006
UK Deputy Prime Minister: Bush is crap
John Prescott has given vent to his private feelings about the Bush presidency, summing up George Bush's administration in a single word: crap.

The Deputy Prime Minister's condemnation of President Bush and his approach to the Middle East could cause a diplomatic row but it will please Labour MPs who are furious about Tony Blair's backing of the United States over the bombing of Lebanon.

August 15, 2006
Clinton Sounds Off on Terror, Lieberman, GOP
On Terror: "I don't think the thought in that London bomb plot has any bearing on our Iraq policy," Clinton said

on the GOP: "The Republicans should be very careful in trying to play politics with this London airport thing, because they're going to have a hard time with the facts."

On Lieberman: That is, there were almost no Democrats who agreed with his position, which was, 'I want to attack Iraq whether or not they have weapons of mass destruction.'"

August 15, 2006
Federal Poverty Executives Take $400 Chauffeured Rides
Take Bills from the Melrose, with all costs per person, included: a $59 three-entree buffet, an $18 breakfast featuring scrambled eggs with chives, a $17 breakfast including Belgian waffles, a $28 deli buffet, a $13 "high tea" service, a $12 "bagel break," a $12 "Crazy for Cookies" assortment and $14 "Death By Chocolate" desserts.

August 14, 2006
If a reporter said this about a republican, the GOP would have made it headline news within seconds. Democrats remain asleep at the wheel as usual.

Chuck Roberts apologizes to Lamont for saying he's "the Al-Qaeda candidate"
Hard to believe it, but a television news anchor just displayed some genuine integrity and humility. Whatever the cause -- be it behind-the-scenes discussions, pressure from activists, including this site's founder, or genuine contrition, Chuck Roberts just issued the following apology while interviewing Ned Lamont (transcript mine, via the miracle of TiVo):

"You know, I owe you an apology. Last week, I led into an interview with a guest analyst and really botched the set-up. The guest had wanted to discuss the Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman statements suggesting that terror groups -- Al Qaeda types, to use Cheney's words -- would be buoyed by your win, but I posed it badly, stupidly ad-libbing about "some saying Lamont is the Al-Qaeda candidate." No one, in fact, used that construction. Anyway, I wanted to correct the record, and I'm glad we had this chance to do it. Now, let's get to the insinuations that were lobbed..."

August 14, 2006
Here's one media figure that isn't falling for the same old can of lies.

Stumping for the GOP? Media figures uncritically linked Iraq war with fight against terrorism
Joe Klein: In 2004 Bush and [White House senior adviser] Karl Rove managed to flummox the Democrats by conflating the war in Iraq with the war against al-Qaeda and insisting that any Democratic reservations about Iraq were a sign of weakness. This was infuriating. It was Bush's disastrous decision to go to war -- and worse, to go to war with insufficient resources -- that transformed Iraq into a terrorist Valhalla. It is Bush's feckless prosecution of the war that has created the current morass, in which a U.S. military withdrawal could lead to a regional conflagration. Rove may avert another electoral embarrassment this November with the same old demagoguery, but his strategy has betrayed the nation's best interests.

August 14, 2006
Israelis criticize army, gov't
Seventy-five percent of the respondents in a Haaretz poll were satisfied with Olmert`s conduct when the fighting began, but only 48 percent felt that way last week.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz faired worse. Defense ministers have almost always been extremely popular in Israel but Peretz` approval rating plummeted from 65 percent last month to 37 last week.

August 14, 2006
Israel planned war before kidnapping
Earlier this summer, before the Hezbollah kidnappings, the U.S. government consultant said, several Israeli officials visited Washington, separately, "to get a green light for the bombing operation and to find out how much the United States would bear." The consultant added, "Israel began with Cheney. It wanted to be sure that it had his support and the support of his office and the Middle East desk of the National Security Council." After that, "persuading Bush was never a problem, and Condi Rice was on board," the consultant said.

The Israeli plan, according to the former senior intelligence official, was "the mirror image of what the United States has been planning for Iran." (The initial U.S. Air Force proposals for an air attack to destroy Iran's nuclear capacity, which included the option of intense bombing of civilian infrastructure targets inside Iran, have been resisted by the top leadership of the Army, the Navy, and the Marine Corps, according to current and former officials. They argue that the Air Force plan will not work and will inevitably lead, as in the Israeli war with Hezbollah, to the insertion of troops on the ground.)

August 13, 2006
The press learned it could lie to us and get away with it during their trumped-up scandal Whitewater. Reporters got raises for lying, instead of being fired. The truth was irrelevant (at the NY Times).

Media Accountability: Pictures and Words
I mean, you had your own headline anchorman, Chuck Roberts, describe Lamont as the al Qaeda candidate. This is an equally deceitful, fraudulent, fabricated statement. There should be zero tolerance for all those deceits, whether in images or words.

August 13, 2006
The US could have saved Israel from Israel by dropping a few bombs on Israel shortly after the conflict began. If we had politicans with brains, thousand of innocent civilians would still be alive and we'd look like heros to everyone in the Middle East. Now we look like villains again.

Hezbollah's resistance made an Arab hero
But in the wider world, it is Nasrallah's popularity that has shot up, among both his fellow Shiites and among Sunnis in the Middle East and with Muslims elsewhere.

Some of the fiercest sentiment in support of the militant Shiite cleric has erupted during anti-Israel and anti-U.S. protests in predominantly Sunni countries like Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait — all key U.S. allies in the region. Demonstrators have voiced outrage at their leaders for failing to back Hezbollah and Lebanon.

August 15, 2006
Did anyone really think Israel could win this war by killing hundreds of innocent civilians? Com'on, no one is that dumb.

Israel's verdict: We lost the war
Critics from right and left were fortified by a Globes Smith poll showing, remarkably given the degree to which the army is embedded in Israeli society, that 52 per cent of electors believed the Israel Defence Forces had been unsuccessful in its Lebanon offensive as opposed to 44 per cent who believed it did well.

August 14, 2006
The GOP finds it easy to spend money but has no clue how it's going to raise revenue to pay for it. There's only one way, tax increases. Instead of raising the debt ceiling (the amount they can borrow) they should raise taxes. When Americans see how much their war is costing, NO ONE will support it.

2005 Military Programs Will Cost $1.58 trillion
In 2001 it listed 71 major programs with $790 billion in associated research, development and procurement spending over the life of the program. By 2005, that total had increased 85 major programs with $1.58 trillion in associated spending.

August 14, 2006
How many of these fake news stories are on Clear Channel (very conservative). I'd bet 100%.

Feds Probe "Fake News" at 77 Stations
Federal regulators are asking scores of broadcasters whether they failed to tell viewers about the sponsors behind corporate video releases presented as news, a practice criticized by watchdog groups who say showing "fake news" is an illegal breach of trust with local communities.

The Federal Communications Commission has issued 42 formal letters of inquiry to holders of 77 broadcast licenses, the office of Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein said Monday.

August 12, 2006
Remember the good old days, when the press was making up scandals about Bill Clinton?

Ex-Interior official pleads guilty in Abramoff probe
A former Department of Interior employee pleaded guilty yesterday to a misdemeanor charge for failing to report gifts he received from influence-peddler Jack Abramoff.

Roger Stillwell told a federal magistrate that he had been given hundreds of dollars worth of football and concert tickets from Abramoff, who at the time was lobbying for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

August 11, 2006
I'm split on this issue. Should the press report known lies of the VP or should they ignore him?

Cheney: free elections in the US embolden "Al Qaeda types."
Mr. Cheney, who a spokesman said had been kept abreast of the investigation, suggested in his remarks Wednesday that the outcome of a Democratic primary in Connecticut could embolden "Al Qaeda types."

August 14, 2006
"There is nothing to fear itself" or "fear is all we have left?"

GOP: Hoping for Fear
Just two days after 9/11, I learned from Congressional staffers that Republicans on Capitol Hill were already exploiting the atrocity, trying to use it to push through tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

I wrote about the subject the next day, warning that "politicians who wrap themselves in the flag while relentlessly pursuing their usual partisan agenda are not true patriots."

We now know that from the very beginning, the Bush administration and its allies in Congress saw the terrorist threat not as a problem to be solved, but as a political opportunity to be exploited.

Can a last-minute effort to make a big splash on terror stave off electoral disaster?

Many political analysts think it will.

June 13, 2006
Why does the media repeat the right wing talking points, instead of the truth? Because the GOP tells them exactly what to say. Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism. Iraq was about WMD, a media and GOP lie.

Secret Boehner Memo - War on Terror
Republicans believe victory in Iraq will be an important blow to terrorism and the threat it poses around the world. Democrats, on the other hand, are prone to waver endlessly about the use of force to protect American ideals. Capitol Hill Democrats' only specific policy proposals are to concede defeat on the battlefield and instead, merely manage the threat of terrorism and the danger it poses.

August 14, 2006
So, we know they lied to us about the threat being imminent. Now we wait until the rest falls apart (like all the others).

Terror Plot Was Not Imminent - suspects didn't have tickets or passports
One senior British official suggested an attack was not imminent, saying the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. In fact, some did not even have passports.

August 15, 2006
Terror case coming apart
Three Texas men of Middle Eastern descent remained jailed this morning on terrorism-related charges in Tuscola County after federal officials said Monday the trio broke no laws and had no links to known terrorist organizations.

Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark E. Reene did not respond to repeated messages from The Saginaw News.

August 13, 2006
The war, the Web and the next election
Defeating an incumbent senator is very, very difficult to do. Defeating one in a party primary is almost impossible. Factor in Lieberman's stature as the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2000, and it's clear that something important just happened in the Nutmeg State.

If the war gave Lamont a message, the Web gave his campaign tools to scale with amazing speed. Attention from bloggers with national audiences helped create buzz around the campaign, giving it an air of credibility when the challenge to Lieberman still seemed an incredible long shot. Organizational muscle came via the Web-based activist group and a sharp campaign Web site that included links to a vibrant community of supporters beyond the formal campaign organization. Said journalist and blogger Josh Marshall, "Blogs were the vehicle that helped that latent but pervasive disgruntlement among Connecticut Democrats become aware of itself."

August 11, 2006
If you vote against a candidate that took us to war for no reason, the media will call you a terrorist. The media is trying to destroy "free elections." They called us unAmerican when they helped Bush take us to war (for no reason) so we're used to it. It'll take time, but you'll get used to it too.

Anti-Dem narratives dominate political media
Coverage of Lamont-Lieberman race: a case study in how anti-Dem narratives dominate political media -- even as political threat level for Republicans rises to "severe"

In the wake of Connecticut Democratic Senate candidate Ned Lamont's primary victory over incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman, and Lieberman's decision to run against Lamont as an independent in the general election, the political media were awash in pro-Lieberman and pro-Republican spin about Lamont, Connecticut voters, and what it all means for this fall's congressional elections.

August 11, 2006
Cal Thomas is a terrorist sympathizer. He supports the Bush regime which killed tens of thousands of innocent civilian in Iraq.

Purge by Taliban Democrats
The narrow primary defeat of veteran Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut's Democratic primary is more than a loss for one man. It is a loss for his party and for the country. It completes the capture of the Democratic Party by its Taliban wing.

August 11, 2006
I wish Cheney would stop terrorizing us.

THESE PEOPLE have no shame. Their contempt for democracy is so great they will stop at nothing to undermine it. Their adherence to fundamentalist beliefs that blinds them to reality is frightening. They must be stopped.

And that's just the Republicans.

Yesterday, Cheney bashed those who voted for Democrat Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Senate primary, claiming that these votes would encourage "al Qaeda types" to think that "they can break the will of the American people."

August 11, 2006
The republican arm of the Democrat Party (the DLC) still controls 21% of the Democrat vote.

79% of Democrats nationwide support Lamont over Lieberman
An overwhelming majority of Democrats - 79% - nationwide said they are glad that the three-term senator was defeated by Lamont, who ran a powerful anti-Iraq war campaign. They also said Lamont's victory over one of the few pro-war Democrats in Washington makes them optimistic they can win control of at least one of the two houses of Congress in November.

August 12, 2006
Increasingly, Bush Escapes the Media Pack
GREEN BAY, Wis. -- On one of the scariest days yet in the five-year battle with terrorists, President Bush prepared to make a speech to reassure the American people. But the White House press corps was 1,000 miles away in Texas.

Bush had left his ranch vacation and jetted north for a scheduled closed-door fundraiser. No press plane accompanied him. And so when news broke that Britain had broken up a major terrorist plot, the only ones there to convey the president's reaction were a handful of local reporters and a few pool journalists who ride in the back of Air Force One.

August 15, 2006
I have a better reason. Israel has killed more innocent civilians in the past month than Hezbollah has killed during the past 20 years, therefore, Israel is a terrorist organization.

Reasons to Oppose US Aid to Israel
United States diplomats like to say that when it comes to the conflict between Israel and Palestinians the US plays the role of "an honest broker." But the US' massive financial and military support for Israel means that, in fact, the US is taking sides. Israel is the largest recipient of US foreign aid, receiving more than $3 billion annually [1] -- or about $8 million every day. If a level diplomatic playing field is to be created, the US' unfair and biased support of Israel must end. Until the US stops lending its weight to Israel, a truly just peace will remain elusive.

August 12, 2006
Since the GOP thinks it's ok to call free elections an act of terror, so be it. The republican party is a terrorist organization.

Bush crowd's attempts to divide us need stern rebuke
The gentlemen who have gotten us into a mess in Iraq prefer not to explain how they'll fix things. They would rather use national security for partisan purposes, and they were all out there on Wednesday, spewing incendiary talking points. Hey, they may not have sent enough troops to win a war, but they sure know how to win mid-term elections.

The rejection of Lieberman made Cheney wonder if "the dominant view of the Democratic Party" is "the basic, fundamental notion that somehow we can retreat behind our oceans and not be actively engaged in this conflict and be safe here at home."

And if being against the Iraq War makes you "extreme left," then the administration has succeeded in pushing 60 percent of Americans into that camp. That's the proportion opposed to the war in the new CNN poll.

August 13, 2006
People who supported "shock and awe" are morally obligated to fix what they helped blow up. The rest of us don't want to pay for their barbarism.

In Iraq, a Failure to Deliver the Spoils
The episode said everything about where the failures of the American reconstruction program in Iraq have had their greatest impact — community by community, block by block, house by house as the lights do not go on and water does not squirt from the taps. In Iraq, politics is not merely local: it can seem microscopic, with winners and losers on every crumbling street corner as projects succeed and fail.

August 12, 2006
I'd take it one step further. The biggest weapon terrorists have is fear. Bush, the GOP and the media push fear around the clock. It's safe to say Bush (and the media) need terrorism more than terrorists.

Fear and Smear - GOP terrorists
More to the point, it is equally true that Bush desperately needs the terrorists. They are his last frail hope for political survival. They divert public attention, at least momentarily, from his disastrous war in Iraq and his shameful abuses of the Constitution. The "news" of terror--whether real or fantasized--reduces American politics to its most primitive impulses, the realm of fear-and-smear where George Bush is at his best.

August 8, 2006
When republicans say they support the troops or the war, it's for the mass media and idiots who vote for them. Here's more of the truth.

Center for war-related brain injuries faces budget cut
Congress appears ready to slash funding for the research and treatment of brain injuries caused by bomb blasts, an injury that military scientists describe as a signature wound of the Iraq war.

House and Senate versions of the 2007 Defense appropriation bill contain $7 million for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center — half of what the center received last fiscal year.

August 10, 2006
Britain's airline terror plot: Questions that need to be answered
Moreover, if Blair was in discussions with Bush over the weekend about an "imminent" terrorist attack, why did he still leave for his holiday in Barbados on Tuesday? And given that the plot is said to have targeted planes, why did the security services allow him to do so?

July 16, 2006
GAO: EPA Fails in Protecting Against Toxic Air Pollution
WASHINGTON, July 26 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Today the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report that sharply criticizes the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) record on air toxics control. The report concludes, in particular, that EPA has failed to take action on scores of specific pollution control measures that the Clean Air Act required the agency to complete several years ago. A copy of the report is available at

August 7, 2006
Youth Give Bush Poor Grade, Hurting Republican Hopes, Poll Says
A Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll of Americans age 18 to 24 found Bush's approval rating was 20 percent, with 53 percent disapproving and 28 percent with no opinion. That compares to a 40 percent approval rating among Americans of all ages in a separate Bloomberg/Times poll.

August 7, 2006
At least 591 killed in Lebanon, 93 in Israel since fighting broke out
At least 591 have been killed - including 509 civilians confirmed dead by the Health Ministry, 29 Lebanese soldiers and at least 53 Hezbollah guerrillas.

August 7, 2006
Critics taking aim at the Condi Rice show
CONDOLEEZZA RICE is coming under sustained criticism on several fronts.

Some, even within the White House, have started referring to the "Condi Rice show" — suggesting that the Secretary of State spends too much time on television talking to a domestic audience and not enough in international negotiations.

A senior Republican expressed unhappiness at the way that she was snubbed recently by Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese Prime Minister. "Henry Kissinger would never have been turned away from any capital," he told The Times.

August 7, 2006
Court told US troops gang-raped Iraqi girl
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A U.S. military court in Baghdad heard graphic testimony on Monday of how three U.S. soldiers took turns raping a 14-year-old Iraqi girl before murdering her and her family.

No such questions have been asked by the media. And yet recent months have seen a number of alleged terrorist plots—in the US, Canada and Australia—that were supposedly thwarted by the security services. In each case, mass arrests were made of people who, according to the indictments, had merely discussed terrorist acts. No concrete plans were discovered, no weapons or explosives seized. And in most of these cases, the supposed plots were initiated and encouraged by government informers who acted as agent provocateurs and entrapped the alleged conspirators.

August 11, 2006
U.S. Army Corps Chief Resigns because of failure in reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan
WASHINGTON - The chief of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, under fire for the pace of reconstruction in Iraq and the failure of levees in New Orleans, is retiring.

Strock admitted the Corps had overlooked a flaw in the design that caused some of the most significant breaches.

August 10, 2006
The evidence is mounting that the "war on terror" is nothing more than an excuse to give money to right wing companies.

Counterintelligence Officials Resign Over CIFA Contracts for MZM
David A. Burtt II, director of the Counterintelligence Field Activity, the Defense Department's newest intelligence agency whose contracts based on congressional earmarks are under investigation by the Pentagon and federal prosecutors, told his staff yesterday that he and his deputy director will resign at the end of the month.

Last March, as a result of the continuing federal investigations arising out of charges against former congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.), prosecutors said they were reviewing CIFA contracts that went to MZM Inc., a company run by Mitchell J. Wade, who had pleaded guilty in February to conspiring to bribe Cunningham.

August 9, 2006
At one point or another everyone in the media called us either the "loony left" or "angry left." What was our crime? We said the war was based on lies. That's why CNN, Fox and the major networks can't let it go. They can't admit they were wrong.

Poll: 60 percent of Americans oppose Iraq war
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sixty percent of Americans oppose the U.S. war in Iraq, the highest number since polling on the subject began with the commencement of the war in March 2003, according to poll results and trends released Wednesday.

And a majority of poll respondents said they would support the withdrawal of at least some U.S. troops by the end of the year, according to results from the Opinion Research Corporation poll conducted last week on behalf of CNN. The corporation polled 1,047 adult Americans by telephone.

August 9, 2006
The DLC says the only way democrats can win is to be as dumb as republicans. The war was based on lies. Supporting such a war is sheer idiocy.

Feingold Says Centrist DLC Consultants 'Instill Fear in Democrats'
MILWAUKEE -- Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold knocked the centrist Democratic Leadership Council today, saying its strategy of hoping to win by being "a little different than Republicans" hasn't worked. He also accused the group's adherents of instilling fear in Democrats who oppose the war.

"They are the ones that coalesced with the big corporations to pass unfair trade agreements that hurt America," Feingold said. "It was the DLC that came up with the health care plan with the Clintons that was so complicated nobody could understand it. It's the DLC that has cut off our ability to say things like, "Let's get out of Iraq because it's a bad idea.'"

August 9, 2006
Senator Calls for V.A. Secretary's Resignation
The Senate minority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, said Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson should resign and called his leadership a threat to national security after the department lost another computer with veterans' data. "Less than a month after promising to make the V.A. the 'gold standard' in data security," Mr. Reid said, "Secretary Nicholson has again presided over loss of the personal information of thousands more veterans."

August 9, 2006
What is it with religious people these days. Christians and Jews think they have the moral right to commit war crimes.

Israeli War Crimes Aimed At 'Cleansing' South Lebanon
On Tuesday, Israeli warplanes struck the southern Lebanese town of Ghaziyeh, killing at least 14 people. Missiles demolished civilian homes just as some 1,500 mourners were participating in a procession to bury 15 of their relatives and neighbors slain just the day before. The explosions sent the crowd running in panic, dropping shrouded corpses in the street.

Ghaziyeh's normal population of 23,000 has reportedly been swelled by a wave of refugees. It is a predominantly Shiite town near Sidon, a region where most of the population is composed of Sunni Muslims. Many people from further south had fled there to stay with relatives and friends.

There was no indication that the town was used to launch rockets against Israel or had any intrinsic strategic significance. The objective was merely to further terrorize people who have already suffered the loss of their homes and seen members of their families massacred in the relentless Israeli bombardment of southern Lebanon. The aim is to force them to flee further north, or kill them.

August 8, 2006
Another PC with Veterans' Information Is Missing
A desktop PC containing the personal information of up to 36,000 U.S. military veterans has gone missing from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) subcontractor Unisys, the VA announced Monday.

August 7, 2006
CIA killed the man but he's not charged with murder. Good grief.

Ex-CIA Contractor on Trial in Beating
A former CIA contractor broke both agency rules and the law when he used a 2-foot-long metal flashlight to beat an Afghani man who later died, a prosecutor told a jury Monday in the trial of the first U.S. civilian charged with mistreating a detainee during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Although Wali died in his cell, Passaro is not charged in his death.

August 9, 2006
Call yourself a Christian and you can commit just about any crime known to man and they'll still vote for you. Bush violated anti torture laws, lied about a threat to our national security and violated the Geneva Conventions and Good Christians voted to reelect the bastard.

Republicans Aren't the 'Good Christians' They Say They Are
The 'party of Christian values' has come off as the 'party of hypocrites' when their very visible spokespersons were not banished for publicly flaunting aberrant personal behavior. Rush Limbaugh, an Oxycoten addict charged with prescription fraud, was recently caught possessing Viagra obtained with an irregular prescription. What's a divorced man doing with Viagra? And, Bill O' Reilly of Fox News paid millions to squash a sexual harassment suit while the good Reverend Pat Robertson on his TV show called for the assignation of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

August 8, 2006
An Impeachable Offense
It wouldn't be necessary to weaken war crime laws and the Geneva Convention if the US hadn't committed war crimes.

Administration seeks to weaken war crimes law
The Bush administration has drafted amendments to a war crimes law that would eliminate the risk of prosecution for political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel for humiliating or degrading war prisoners, according to U.S. officials and a copy of the amendments.

Officials say the amendments would alter a U.S. law passed in the mid-1990s that criminalized violations of the Geneva Conventions, a set of international treaties governing military conduct in wartime. The conventions generally bar the cruel, humiliating and degrading treatment of wartime prisoners without spelling out what all those terms mean.

August 7, 2006
British probe launched into Halliburton
LONDON (AFP) - KBR, a subsidiary of oil service giant Halliburton, is being investigated by Britain's Serious Fraud Office over the company's role in an alleged plot to pay bribes to win billions of dollars worth of contracts at a Nigerian oil plant, the Financial Times said.

August 1, 2006
Carter: Prescription for Peace in the Middle East
There will be no substantive and permanent peace for any peoples in this troubled region as long as Israel is violating key U.N. resolutions, official American policy and the international "road map" for peace by occupying Arab lands and oppressing the Palestinians. Except for mutually agreeable negotiated modifications, Israel's official pre-1967 borders must be honored. As were all previous administrations since the founding of Israel, U.S. government leaders must be in the forefront of achieving this long-delayed goal.

August 8, 2006
It's safe to say our entire economy is now built on government and personal debt.

Consumer Debt Jumps Sharply
Consumer borrowing unexpectedly accelerated in June as Americans used credit cards to finance more of their purchases, a Federal Reserve report showed Monday.

Consumer credit, or non-mortgage loans to individuals, rose $10.3 billion to $2.19 trillion, following a revised $5.89-billion increase in May. The two-month gain was the biggest since September-October 2004.

August 2, 2006
Will the corporate owned media blame corporate profits for inflation like they blamed unions?

Inflation caused by corporate profits
From the first quarter of 2005 to the first quarter of 2006, unit prices in the non-financial corporate sector (i.e., about 65% of the private sector) have risen by 2.1%. Since labor compensation barely kept pace with productivity over this time, unit labor costs added only 0.1% to prices. Rising profit margins, conversely, contributed 2.3% to price growth.

August 6, 2006
Federal Reserve: 38% chance within 12 months
The United States faces almost a 40 per cent chance of slipping into recession in the next 12 months, according to the Federal Reserve's own market model.

As Fed chairman Ben Bernanke prepares to decide whether to raise American interest rates for the 18th time on Tuesday, bond prices and the high level of borrowing costs are now showing a 38 per cent chance of recession, according to a model published by Fed economist Jonathan Wright earlier this year.

August 6, 2006
Deal Maker Details Congressional Corruption
> WASHINGTON — In 1992, Brent R. Wilkes rented a suite at the Hyatt Hotel a few blocks from the Capitol. In his briefcase was a stack of envelopes for a half-dozen congressmen, each packet containing up to $10,000 in checks.

Mr. Wilkes had set up separate meetings with the lawmakers hoping to win a government contract, and he planned to punctuate each pitch with a campaign donation. But his hometown congressman, Representative Bill Lowery of San Diego, a Republican, told him that presenting the checks during the sessions was not how things were done, Mr. Wilkes recalled.

August 5, 2006
This scandal ridden administration is protected by the media. How many in the media call them scandal ridden?

ATF Director Resigns Amid Spending Probe
The director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives announced his resignation yesterday, six months after the launch of an internal investigation into questionable spending on a new headquarters and other items during his tenure.

Carl J. Truscott, a 22-year veteran of the Secret Service who took over as ATF chief in 2004, was under fire for his spending and management practices at a time when the agency was considering sharp cuts in the number of new cars, bulletproof vests and other basics it provides agents.

Sources familiar with the project told The Washington Post earlier this year that Truscott planned to buy, among other things, nearly $300,000 in extras for the new director's suite, including a $65,000 conference table and more than $100,000 worth of hardwood floors, custom trim and other items.

August 4, 2006
Politicians and reporters who lied about WMD should apologize or forced out.

War and peace Activists' ultimatum: Withdraw or impeach
BRATTLEBORO — From veterans to grandmothers, more than 50 activists representing some 100 organizations in five states turned out for a Vermont meeting unified by a single goal: a quick and concrete plan to end the war.

And if it takes impeachment to get there, they said at a follow-up rally on the Brattleboro town commons, then so be it.

August 4, 2006
Lying has become so pervasive on network and cable news that I consider both to be a wasteland.
Being a TV Expert Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
It wasn't the news that prompted my hair-pulling (who doesn't know Iraq's a disaster?) -- but the way it was reported. On NBC News, viewers saw Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld testify that he'd "never painted a rosy picture" of Iraq and that he hadn't been "overly optimistic." And NBC allowed the claim to go unrebutted.

Somehow NBC couldn't dig up the quotes of Rumsfeld saying that he doubted the war would last six months (Feb. 7, 2003) or that US troops "would be welcomed" in Iraq (Feb. 20, 2003) or that "we know where [the WMD] are" (March 30, 2003). The quotes were easily dug up by ThinkProgress.

August 4, 2006
Ambassador: Bush Didn't Know Sunni From Shiite
Former Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith is claiming President George W. Bush was unaware that there were two major sects of Islam just two months before the President ordered troops to invade Iraq, RAW STORY has learned.

In his new book, The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created A War Without End, Galbraith, the son of the late economist John Kenneth Galbraith, claims that American leadership knew very little about the nature of Iraqi society and the problems it would face after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

A year after his "Axis of Evil" speech before the U.S. Congress, President Bush met with three Iraqi Americans, one of whom became postwar Iraq's first representative to the United States. The three described what they thought would be the political situation after the fall of Saddam Hussein. During their conversation with the President, Galbraith claims, it became apparent to them that Bush was unfamiliar with the distinction between Sunnis and Shiites.

August 4, 2006
Troops say civil war has begun
BAGHDAD, Iraq - While American politicians and generals in Washington debate the possibility of civil war in Iraq, many U.S. officers and enlisted men who patrol Baghdad say it has already begun.

Army troops in and around the capital interviewed in the last week cite a long list of evidence that the center of the nation is coming undone: Villages have been abandoned by Sunni and Shiite Muslims; Sunni insurgents have killed thousands of Shiites in car bombings and assassinations; Shiite militia death squads have tortured and killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Sunnis; and when night falls, neighborhoods become open battlegrounds.

August 3, 2006
Sen. Clinton makes a good follower. It's too bad it's taken her this long to lead. She's probably too late.

Sen. Clinton calls for Rumsfeld's resignation
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday called on Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to resign, after accusing him of "presiding over a failed policy in Iraq."

August 4, 2006
American generals signed on to "shock and awe and awe" and destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq. Now they're paying the price of their idiocy - complete failure.

Generals paint bleak picture for Iraq. All-out civil war possible soon
Two of America's top generals now say the situation in Iraq could soon turn into a full-fledged civil war, an assessment most experts agree will prove true if the United States doesn't move quickly to provide security, jobs and an effective government in a nation long without any of those.

"We do have the possibility of that devolving into a civil war," Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington on Thursday.

August 3, 2006
Someone forgot to teach Marines how to be Americans (and men).

Marines Charged With Assault in Iraq Case
Assault charges were filed Thursday against six Marines stemming from an incident in April in the Iraqi village of Hamdania, military officials said.

The alleged assault was uncovered during an investigation that previously led to allegations that seven Marines and a Navy corpsman murdered an Iraqi civilian on April 26.

Three of those Marines _ Sgt. Lawrence G. Hutchins III, Cpl. Trent D. Thomas and Lance Cpl. Jerry E. Shumate Jr. _ now face an additional charge in the April 10 assault.

August 4, 2006
Military prosecutor brands accused US troops 'war criminals'
TIKRIT, Iraq (AFP) - A military prosecutor branded four US soldiers who have been accused of murdering Iraqi prisoners "war criminals" and demanded they face a court martial.

The prosecutor, Captain Joseph Mackey, was speaking on the last day of a legal hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to prosecute the troops following the May 9 slaying of three detainees.

"US soldiers must follow the laws of war. That's what makes us better than the terrorists, what sets us apart from the thugs and the hitmen. These soldiers did just the opposite," Mackey said, in his closing argument.

July 30, 2006
Conservatism is incomparable with Christianity. Need MORE proof. . . .?

Disowning Conservative Politics Is Costly for Pastor
"When you put your trust in the sword, you lose the cross."

By the time the dust had settled, Woodland Hills, which Mr. Boyd founded in 1992, had lost about 1,000 of its 5,000 members.

Mr. Boyd lambasted the "hypocrisy and pettiness" of Christians who focus on "sexual issues" like homosexuality, abortion or Janet Jackson's breast-revealing performance at the Super Bowl halftime show. He said Christians these days were constantly outraged about sex and perceived violations of their rights to display their faith in public.

"Those are the two buttons to push if you want to get Christians to act," he said. "And those are the two buttons Jesus never pushed."

August 2, 2006
It's important to note the military did nothing until video of the massacre showed up on the Internet (later reported on by Time).

Marines Implicated in Massacre
The case is one of several involving alleged unjustified killings of Iraqi civilians that have emerged this year, damaging the military's reputation for humane treatment of civilians and triggering calls by some Iraqi leaders to end the arrangement under which U.S. troops are immune from prosecution by Iraqi authorities.

The Marines initially reported after the Nov. 19, 2005 killings at Haditha that 15 Iraqi civilians had been killed by a makeshift roadside bomb and in crossfire between Marines and insurgent attackers. Based on accounts from survivors and human rights groups, Time magazine first reported in March that the killings were deliberate acts by the Marines.

August 2, 2006
9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes
How strange, John Azzarello, a former prosecutor and one of the commission's staff members, thought. "I remember being at the hearing in '03 and wondering why they didn't seem to have their stories straight. That struck me as odd."

The ears of another staff member, Miles Kara, perked up as well. "I said to myself, That's not right," the retired colonel, a former army intelligence officer, told me. Kara had seen the radar re-creations of the fighters' routes. "We knew something was odd, but we didn't have enough specificity to know how odd."

As the tapes reveal in stark detail, parts of Scott's and Arnold's testimony were misleading, and others simply false. At 9:16 a.m., when Arnold and Marr had supposedly begun their tracking of United 93, the plane had not yet been hijacked. In fact, NEADS wouldn't get word about United 93 for another 51 minutes. And while NORAD commanders did, indeed, order the Langley fighters to scramble at 9:24, as Scott and Arnold testified, it was not in response to the hijacking of American 77 or United 93. Rather, they were chasing a ghost. NEADS was entering the most chaotic period of the morning.

August 2, 2006
Liberals don't like pathological liars. That's why we have a problem with the military.

9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon
Suspicion of wrongdoing ran so deep that the 10-member commission, in a secret meeting at the end of its tenure in summer 2004, debated referring the matter to the Justice Department for criminal investigation, according to several commission sources. Staff members and some commissioners thought that e-mails and other evidence provided enough probable cause to believe that military and aviation officials violated the law by making false statements to Congress and to the commission, hoping to hide the bungled response to the hijackings, these sources said.

August 1, 2006
ABC Cancels Holocaust TV Deal With Gibson's Company
Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- ABC canceled a contract with Mel Gibson's production company after the actor made anti-Semitic remarks during his July 28 arrest on suspicion of drunk driving.

July 31, 2006
Never again? What a joke. The Jewish people should be ashamed of themselves.

Human Rights Watch denounces Israel for war crimes
The carnage, which comes 10 years after Israeli forces killed more than 100 civilians in Qana during Operation Grapes of Wrath, prompted Human Rights Watch to rush out a two-page statement accusing the Israeli Defense Forces of war crimes in advance of a longer report that will be published later this week. Responsibility for the deaths rested "squarely" with the Israeli military, HRW said. It was the latest product of a bombing campaign that the IDF has waged in Lebanon over the past 18 days, leaving hundreds of people dead, the vast majority of them civilians.

July 30, 2006
When dems take control of congress one of their first jobs must be the impeachment of Alito and Roberts for lying under oath. Impeachable Offenses.

Kennedy: Roberts and Alito Misled Us
Similarly, Alito had a pattern of ruling against individuals in Fourth Amendment cases -- including a case involving the strip-search of a 10-year-old girl. When questioned, he insisted that one of the judiciary's most important roles "is to stand up and defend the rights of people when they are violated." But Alito cast the deciding vote in Hudson v. Michigan , in which the court decided -- contrary to almost a century of precedent -- that evidence gathered during an unconstitutional search of a suspect's home could be used to convict him.

July 30, 2006
After Bush took us to war for no reason and destroyed our constitution our churches felt the biggest threat to America was gay marriage. Now our courts waste their time defending bigotry against gay Americans. History will record their collective idiocy.

Same-Sex Marriage Wins by Losing
A perverse cruelty characterizes both decisions. The courts ruled, essentially, that making my child's life less secure somehow makes the life of a child with straight parents more secure. Both courts found that making heterosexual couples stable requires keeping homosexual couples vulnerable. And the courts seemed to agree that heterosexuals can hardly be bothered to have children at all — or once they've had them, can hardly be bothered to care for them — unless marriage rights are reserved exclusively for heterosexuals. And the religious right accuses gays and lesbians of seeking "special rights."

July 31, 2006
More war crimes.

Robert Fisk denounces Israel
You must have a heart of stone not to feel the outrage that those of us watching this experienced yesterday. This slaughter was an obscenity, an atrocity ­ yes, if the Israeli air force truly bombs with the "pinpoint accuracy" it claims, this was also a war crime. Israel claimed that missiles had been fired by Hizbollah gunmen from the south Lebanese town of Qana ­ as if that justified this massacre. Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, talked about "Muslim terror" threatening " western civilisation" ­ as if the Hizbollah had killed all these poor people.

July 30, 2006
New York Times Supports Lamont in Connecticut
Mr. Lieberman prides himself on being a legal thinker and a champion of civil liberties. But he appointed himself defender of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the administration's policy of holding hundreds of foreign citizens in prison without any due process. He seconded Mr. Gonzales's sneering reference to the "quaint" provisions of the Geneva Conventions. He has shown no interest in prodding his Republican friends into investigating how the administration misled the nation about Iraq's weapons. There is no use having a senator famous for getting along with Republicans if he never challenges them on issues of profound importance.

If Mr. Lieberman had once stood up and taken the lead in saying that there were some places a president had no right to take his country even during a time of war, neither he nor this page would be where we are today. But by suggesting that there is no principled space for that kind of opposition, he has forfeited his role as a conscience of his party, and has forfeited our support.

July 26, 2006
Why did the Bush WH lie to us for so long? An Impeachable Offense

Stephen Hadley: Iraq not about terrorism, about suppressing religious violence
President Bush and national security adviser Stephen Hadley yesterday for the first time publicly acknowledged the momentous shift in the role for U.S. troops in Iraq, from fighting terrorists to trying to suppress religious violence.