New Documents Show Republican Involvement in U.S. Attorney Firings
May 2, 2007

WASHINGTON There's a new development in the aftermath of the firing of several U-S attorneys, including Nevada's Daniel Bogden.

The Associated Press has learned that the Justice Department is investigating whether its former White House liaison used political affiliations in deciding whom to hire as entry-level prosecutors in some U-S attorney offices around the country.

Such consideration would be a violation of federal law.

The inquiry involves Monica Goodling, a conservative Republican who recently quit as counsel and White House liaison for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. It raises new concerns that politics have cast a shadow over the independence of trial prosecutors who enforce U-S laws.

Meanwhile, newly released documents show Bogden was told he was being dismissed because the Bush administration had a short window to get others into prosecutor jobs to bolster their resumes.

Bogden said Associate Attorney General William Mercer told him in December that the firings were being carried out "so the Republican Party would have more future candidates for the federal bench and future political positions."

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