Worldwide Protest to Close Guantanamo Prison Camp
Cuban News Agency
January 16, 2008

Dressed like Guantanamo prisoners and covered with hoods, the demonstrators demanded that the prison camp, that was established six years ago and symbolizes the US use of torture, be closed once and for all, says a Granma report.

In Spain, protestors delivered a statement in which 170 parliament members urged the closing of the prison. In the United States, demonstrators from different cities converged on Washington to make themselves heard.

The story of the prison camp dates back to September 11, 2001. With the fall of the Twin Towers would come the trampling of common sense by George Bush. A place outside the jurisdiction of US law was chosen by the administration on illegally occupied Cuban territory. There, "illegal enemy combatants" would be held without charges.

According to ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the prison was the perfect place for "the most dangerous and vicious assassins on the face of the Earth."

Ruhal Ahmed, a British citizen who was there without any charges or explanation and was freed two years later, called the prison camp a "zoo." "We were enclosed in cages like animals," he said.

Since January 11, 2002, nearly 800 persons have inhabited the prison's cells. There are still around 300 detained, some of which are minors. Only one of the prisoners has been declared guilty.

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