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EU states aware of CIA misdoings
Euro News
January 26, 2007

Still digging for the truth about European governments' role in CIA activities... A special committee of the European Parliament has approved a report that presents a dark view of Britain, Poland, Germany, Italy and other EU states. It alleges that they were aware of American secret intelligence agency flights over Europe, and the abduction of suspected terrorists to detention centres.

The report also accuses EU foreign policy Chief Javier Solana and other high-ranking officials of not revealing everything they knew. Committee chairman Carlos Coelho was scathing about the European Council, accusing it of a lack of cooperation in the investigation. He said: "The council had no significant cooperative attitude with the committee. On the contrary, they've sent truncated documents, and that is grave in the relationship between the Parliament and the Council."

An amendment pushed through by Conservative lawmakers said it couldn't be proved that Poland had hosted CIA prisons - an allegation that prompted the probe in 2005. The special committee has no legal powers, but can recommend sanctions against EU countries if they have violated human rights treaties.

The European Parliament committee has also upheld the complaint of Murat Kurnaz. The German-born Turkish national was arrested in Pakistan and imprisoned for four years in Guantanamo. The life-long resident of Germany was not said to represent any terrorist threat, and the Americans offered to send him back to Germany in 2002. Berlin turned down the offer. The case reflects badly on current Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeyer, who is at the centre of suspicions that Germany tried to prevent the detainee from returning there. Kurnaz was eventually freed last summer.

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