Not to be rude, but isn't it time Mister Bush just shut up
Progressive Daily Beacon
A. Alexander
April 1, 2007

Isn't it about time that one of George W. Bush's advisers stepped up, and told him to just shut up? Seriously, if the Chinese ambassador can say that to the President, so can a trusted adviser. Sure, it is rude to tell someone to "shut up" and undoubtedly mothers all across America would cringe, but desperate times call for desperate measures. They could use it as one of those "training moments." Perhaps, moms could explain that, "we never tell others to 'shut up', but sometimes life has gray areas and this is one of them...."

Mister Bush has only 660 days left in office...aside from another terrorist attack or mega-hurricane-like disaster, he doesn't need to speak. And even under those circumstances, just a short note passed along to the press would suffice. Maybe, "Boy-howdy, did ya'll see that big honkin' [fill-in-the-blank here]? Laur and I wish everyone the best, but mostly we hope that Halliburton can rake in the cash on this one, too!"

That's all it would take. He needn't make a big production of the disaster or rush in for the big photo-op, handshakes, fake tears, bullhorn proclamations or anything else. The nation doesn't need to hear anymore of his post-disaster lies.

Remember after the terrorist attacks Mister Bush claimed nobody "could have foreseen" terrorists using planes as weapons? Except that on August 6, 2001 the Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) highlighted the fact that terrorists might be looking to use planes.... And after Katrina, George W. Bush claimed nobody "could have foreseen" the levies failing. Except that prior to Katrina, his administration had "table-topped" an exercise in which the levies in New Orleans failed. Not to mention years and years of governmental analysis predicting not if, but when the levies would fail.

Besides, it really isn't like anybody is listening to George W. Bush anymore, anyway. Every time he speaks now, Mister Bush only manages to dishonor himself and the Presidency.

Consider the fact that before Republicans had taken control of Congress in 1993, annual "pork barrel" spending was something less than $10 billion. By the time the Republican Party was booted off the Hill in 2006, they'd managed to increase that total to nearly $30 billion. In an effort to convince more members of Congress to support their troop withdrawal plan, Democrats included some "pork" in their war-funding bill. Never mind that the value is billions less than the last GOP-sponsored pork-saturated budget, Mister Bush -- who in six years, had NEVER vetoed a single Republican pork-laden budget -- has taken to chiding Democrats for including the money in their war-funding bill and is threatening to veto the legislation.

George W. Bush lecturing Democrats on the perils of pork spending is a bit like having Jeffrey Dahmer lecture Mother Teresa on morality. It's enough to make a person's skin crawl. Truly, someone really needs to tell the President to just shut up!

And then there is Mister Bush's latest uncontrollable need to wag his finger at Democrats' overall governmental spending. In his latest delusion-riddled radio address the President said -- with a straight face? -- "our Nation cannot afford such reckless taxing and spending. Under my Administration, we have kept your taxes low and restrained government spending in Washington."

Is the man snorting cocaine again? He and Republicans had 'restrained government spending in Washington'? Where to begin?

How about this: Since George W. Bush became President, he and his Congressional Republican enablers had managed to nearly double the nation's debt. It now stands at nearly $9 trillion! It's a good thing that Mister Bush and his Republican cohorts were able to "restrain government spending in Washington." If not, they might have tripled the debt instead of merely doubling it.

For any Republican, especially Mister Bush, to scold the Democratic Congress in regards to spending habits is a bit like having Dick Cheney teach firearms safety to children. "Now kids, wait until the lawyer's face is covered by the sight and then...."

Can the Bush crowd really not see how foolish, pathetic, illegitimate, and distrusted George W. Bush has become? He is a national disgrace with absolutely no credibility on any issue and rudeness aside, isn't it about time that one of his advisers stepped up and told him to just shut up!

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