Impeach - Time is Running Out
Progressive Daily Beacon
A. Alexander
April 13, 2007

The Washington Post editorial page has become a virtual Bush administration megaphone. ABC, CNN, CBS and NBC -- all the corporate-owned television news outlets -- gleefully and zealously parroted the administration's dishonest and despicable slander campaign regarding Speaker Pelosi's recent visit to Syria...complete with ignoring the visit by a Congressional Republican delegation. There is even a newspaper in Georgia that is running an unpaid serialized column written by a General in Iraq. That is Soviet-style propaganda, pure and simple. But what does it mean?

What it means is that Democracy in the United States is under attack like never before.

Today between 60 percent and 70 percent of the American people have had enough of the Bush-Cheney Mafia's Iraq War. They want it to end. The Bush administration, big oil -- especially big oil -- and other corporations would rather it continues unabated. While innocent Iraqi citizens and small town America's boys and girls struggle, fight, bleed, and die in Iraq; Mister Bush and his corporate buddies are making a killing...both figuratively and literally. They're getting rich beyond their wildest imagination.

They won't allow this war to end!

Care to guess what is likely America's most lucrative business sector today? Sure, many big oil corporations brag about their $30 billion profits, but that is a pittance compared to the nearly trillion dollar federally subsidized war business. Remember the Republican Party's mythical "Welfare Queens?" Well, meet the Warfare Kings. The Bush administration will receive more than $700 billion dollars for this year's defense budget. They're spending more on the military than the United States ever spent in any given year, while they had a real enemy -- the Soviet Union -- to fight. Combine the world's next six largest defense spenders and still, the United States will spend more by a mile. That figure, that $700 billion dollars to be spent on the war machine this year...that is more money than approximately 92 percent of the world's economies will generate.

The Bush administration has unleashed the beast that President Eisenhower had labeled the "military industrial complex." Thanks to the 'loyal Bushies', war is America's number one means of redistributing wealth. They're taking the taxes from the working people and giving it all to the wealthy munitions corporations. Only Mister Bush and Cheney have taken the business of munitions to a whole new level - it is the "military industrial complex" on steroids. And there are a whole lot of people making a whole lot of money. But, as the saying goes, 'you ain't one of 'em'!

They aren't going to allow the American people, the Democrats or anybody else to stop them from making their trillions. And to that end they've enlisted their friends in the corporate-owned media world. The worm has turned...America's democracy is under assault and it's on the ropes. There is only one hope left...


Time is running out for the Democrats. The corporate-owned media has made their move...they've gone "all in" on the bet that when the Iraq War smoke clears, the Republicans will be the only Party left standing.


Karl Rove and the Republicans have placed their little 'loyal Bushie' attorneys all across the land. By late summer of 2008, there will be a whole lot of innocent Democrats being indicted for crimes they never committed and on charges that will likely disappear the day after the votes are counted.


The Bush administration, its supporters and the corporate-owned media have nearly a trillion reasons -- a trillion dollars worth of reasons -- to ensure that the Iraq War continues and that the Republicans return to power in '08.

Either the Democrats impeach Mister Bush and Cheney soon, or Democracy in the United States will be on life support with Doctor Rove performing the surgery.


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