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White House Doesn't Share Concerns Over Deficit
LA Times, July 16, 2003
$455 Billion -- and Counting
Washington Post, July 16, 2003
Budget Deficit May Surpass $450 Billion
Yahoo News/Washington Post, July 15, 2003
U.S. deficit as a percent of GDP
Providence Business News, June 23, 2003
U.S. May Hit New Debt Ceiling in 2004
The Associated Press, June 16, 2003
Bush cuts funding for AmeriCorp
The Associated Press, June 16, 2003
CBO Expects Deficit to Shatter Record
US News, May 26, 2003
Too clever by half:The Budget Crisis
US News, May 26, 2003
CBO: US Faces Future of $44 Trillion Deficits
Utne.com, May, 2003
Treasury denies report that deficit paper was 'shelved'
CNN Washington Bureau, May 29, 2003
Low-income families won't receive $400 child credit
CNN, May 30, 2003
Budget deficits hit historic levels
SFGate/AP, May 29, 2003
Pentagon, Boeing ink $16 billion Corporate Welfare Deal
UPI, May 23, 2003
Congress passes $984 billion borrowing boost, largest ever
SF Gate.com/AP, May 2003
CBO projects largest deficit ever
The Associated Press, May 13, 2003
GAO Chief Paints Bleak Budget Picture
The Associated Press/Washington Post, May 13, 2003
Cut taxes and forget the deficit
Copley News Service/Empower America, May 06, 2003
U.S. Runs $253B Deficit in First 6 Months
The Associated Press/Washington Post, Apr 19, 2003
Political Donations buy $3 billion in airline aid
USA Today, Mar 08, 2003
Who Lost the US Budget
New York Times Mar 21, 2003
Analysis: President's Budget Targets Children
Children's Defense Fund Mar 05, 2003
Bush Budget: 14% cut in school funding for military children
Washinton Post Mar 19, 2003
How Tax Cuts Trickle Down
New York Times (Editorial) Mar 16, 2003
Concerns About War, Deficit May Curb Tax Cuts
Washington Post Mar 17, 2003
Congress Questions Cost of War-Related Aid
Washington Post Mar 17, 2003
CBO projects $1.82 trillion debt
Washington Post/AP Mar 08, 2003
Frist: Veterans May Have to Sacrifice
New York Times/AP Mar 2003
Panel Revises Tax Cut Cost Estimate to $726 Billion
Washington Post Mar 05, 2003
Bush Blames GOP for Underfunded Homeland Security
Washington Post Feb 28, 2003
U.S. Deficit Hits $97B in First 4 Months
Washington Post Feb 24, 2003
Governors Association Rip Bush Budget
Washington Post Feb 24, 2003
Government Hits $6.4 Trillion Debt Limit
Washington Post Feb 20, 2003
Business Supports Bush Deficits
Washington Post Feb 24, 2003
GOP Increases Non-Defense Spending 10%
Washington Post Feb 16, 2003
Interest on Debt: $3 trillion over 10 years
CNN News Feb 03, 2003
Spending Bill Angers Conservatives
Washington Post/AP Feb 15, 2003
Record Spending Bill Is Approve
Washington Post/AP Feb 14, 2003
Republicans Push 695 Billion Tax Increase
Washington Post/AP Feb 13, 2003
Greenspan Attempts To Kill Bush's Tax Increase
Money.CNN News Feb 12, 2003
GOP Plays Down Massive Federal Deficits
Washington Post Feb 10, 2003
White House Seeks 9.3 Percent Funding Increase
Washington Post Feb 07, 2003
Bush Budget Uses Fuzzy Math
Washington Post Feb 07, 2003
Budget Error Rates--Who To Trust
GOP Seeks to Change Score on Tax Cuts
Washington Post Feb 06, 2003
Bush budget forecasts optimistic
Money.CNN News Feb 04, 2003
Back to the '80s
Money/CNN NewsFeb 05, 2003
Bush Projecting Record $307 Billion Deficit
Washington Post Feb 01, 2003
Bush Digs Deeper Hole--Deficits
Washington Post/AP Jan 31, 2003
Government Pension Protection Has Deficit
Washington Post/AP Jan 30, 2003
Bush the Budget-Buster
Washington Post/AP Jan 30, 2003
2004 Budget Likely to Show Record Deficits
Washington Post Jan 29, 2003
With surplus gone, so are funds to fix Social Security
Yahoo News/USA Today Jan 20, 2003
Government's Gloomy Fiscal Forecast
CBS News/AP Jan 15, 2003
Bush--The Big Government President
Record $350 Deficit Expected
Washington Post Jan 10, 2003
How Greenland May Block Missile Defense
Center for Defense Information Dec 06, 2002
It's Time To Do The Math
Washington Post Dec 31, 2003
Bush Creates New Pension Rules
New York Times Dec 09, 2002
Unemployed to Lose Benefits
Washington Post/AP Dec 27, 2002
Bush Loses Printing War
Washington Post/AP Dec 27, 2002
Monthly Budget Review: -$114 billion deficit
CBO.gov Dec 10, 2002
SEC Demands More Money Pledge From Bush
Reuters Dec 06, 2002
The Budget Process is dead-CBO
Senator Warns of Looming U.S. Budget Crisis
Reuters Dec 04, 2002
Budget Deficits for the next Decade--CBO analysis
Reuters Dec 03, 2002
This Time a Bush Embraces Voodoo Economics Theory
Washington Post Nov 14, 2002
Budget Irony: And the Envelope, Please
Washington Post Nov 19, 2002
Paul O'Neill Lies
Washington Post Nov 18, 2002
US Posts $53.99 Bln Deficit in October
Reuters Nov 21, 2002
Tax cuts bite back
Reuters Nov 16, 2002
Treasury Backs More Tax Cuts
Reuters Nov 14, 2002
2002 Deficit Near $165 Billion
Reuters Oct 23, 2002
Medicare to Lose $11 Billion, AMA Says
Cost of war and the deficit
CBO.gov Aug 29, 2002
$54 Billion Budget Gap in August
Reuters Sept 20, 2002
Interest on debt
CBO.gov 2002
Projected Cost of War with Iraq
Reuters Sept 16, 2002
Vacations and the Budget
Reuters Sept 04, 2002
CBO Slashes Projected Surplus--Again!
Reuters Aug 27, 2002
Veterans Fault Bush on Spending
Bush asks congress for more spending, then blames them
Want More Spending? Vote Republican!
YahooNews/AP 2002
The Bush Cuts Begin with a 10% Budget Increase
YahooNews/AP 2002
Bush Projects Largest Deficit Since 1994
Reuters 2002
Republicans Seek more Debt
Reuters 2002
Pentagon needs more money
Reuters 2002
Bush raises debt ceiling
ABC News Wire/Reuters 2002
Greenspan Repents--Deficit Reduction First!
New York Times Jan 24, 2002
Bush wants $80 Billion Stimulus Pkg.
Reuters 2002
Bush Pushes for $120 Billion Defense Budget Boost
Reuters 2002
Budget Reality--Bush Agenda
Reuters 2002
Surplus Projection Plunges
Enron Costs Taxpayers $1 Billion
First Quarter--$40 Billion Deficit
CBO Rejects Bush's Plan
Deficits Till 2005
ABC News Nov 28, 2001
Back in the Red
ABC News