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Intelligence Dispute Festers as Iraq Victory Recedes
Washington Post, July 17, 2003
Bush's Mis-State-Ment Of The Union Fiasco
Ariannaonline.com, July 16, 2003
Iraq: Yellowcake Aside, How Real was the Rest?
Time, July 16, 2003
WH Issues Retraction from State of the Union
Voice of America, July 09, 2003
Why the CEO in Chief Needs an Audit
Washington Post, July 10, 2003
Ten Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq
AlterNet, June 27, 2003
Revealed: the truth behind the 45-minute warning
Sunday Herald (UK), June 29, 2003
The Ends Still Don't Justify the Means
AlterNet.Org, June 26, 2003
Too Many Lies, Too Little Outrage
AlterNet.Org, June 26, 2003
Bush Lied About WMD: A Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory
ChronWatch.com, June 09, 2003
Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb: Bush lacks credibility
The Associated Press, June 23, 2003
State of the Union Lies
whitehouse.gov, 2003 State of the Union
Bush & the End of Reason
Consortium.com, June 17, 2003
'Propaganda' effort reflects U.S. image
Japan Times, June 2003
Lies, Damned Lies, and Military Intelligence
Counterpunch.org, June 14, 2003
The Cover Up Continues
SF Chronicle, June 17, 2003
Blair Accused of Exaggerating Iraqi Arms
The Guardian/Associated Press Writer, June 17, 2003
CounterPunch, June 10, 2003
Why the Lies About WMD Matter
CounterPunch, June 10, 2003
Weapons are turned on Bush
Herald Sun (AU), June 07, 2003
Where's the WMD?
WMD: Pressure mounting on Bush and Blair
No holds barred, June 03, 2003
U.K. dossier on Iraq weapons 'unreliable'
United Press International, May 29, 2003
WMD just a convenient excuse for war, admits Wolfowitz
The Independent (UK), May 30, 2003
The White House lied
Carolina Morning News, Apr 25, 2003
Tax cuts--Winners, Losers and Gimmicks
Washington Post, May 15, 2003
GAO won't investigate carrier landing--(Fleischer lie)
The Associated Press, May 14, 2003
Enron-Like Unreality--Bush war lies
Washington Post, May 13, 2003
The Say-Anything School
Washington Post, May 13, 2003
Bush to cut housing subsidies for working poor, retired and disabled.
BBC News Online, Washington, Apr 29, 2003
American Navy 'helped Venezuelan coup'
Venezuela's Electronic News, Apr 30, 2003
'We were not lying, it was just a matter of emphasis.'
New York Times, Apr 29, 2003
War with Iraq had NOTHING to do with WMD
ABC News, Apr 25, 2003
Can we trust the intelligence services?
BBC News (UK), Apr 24, 2003
Venezuela has proof Washington was behind failed coup
CBC News (Canada), Apr 21, 2003
Rumsfeld Denies U.S. Blame for Iraq Museum Plunder
Reuters, Apr 15, 2003
Bill Frist lie: Four vaccine producers world-wide
Washington Post/AP/UN, Apr 09, 2003
Taliban Reviving, Afghan Gov't Faltering
CBS News, Apr 07, 2003
More White House Spin Exposed
Yahoo News/Offbeat (FR) (France) Mar 31, 2003
Fact and fiction at the Wall Street Journal
Salon Apr 01, 2003
Shock and Awe (January 2003)--didn't work
CBS News Jan 24, 2003
Initial Plan predicted 47 days to Bagdad--lie
Washington Post Mar 30, 2003
Blair's 'execution' claim disputed by soldier's family
The Guardian (UK) Mar 28, 2003
Leaked US report scorns Bush policy
The Independent (UK) Mar 15, 2003
Bush Clings To Dubious Allegations About Iraq
Washington Post Mar 18, 2003
Smug President Has Painted U.S. Into a Corner
New York Observer Mar 18, 2003
Text of Remarks by U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. (1441)
Iraq Foundation/New York Times Nov 08, 2002
Cheney says Iraq has nuclear program
Washington Post Mar 17, 2003
Senator Wants Fake Iraq Documents Probed
Washington Post/AP Mar 15, 2003
Bush threatens retreat from resolution
Canada.com Mar 13, 2003
Blix: US lied about mobile biological weapons labs
Washington Post Mar 08, 2003
Bush breaks 'work with Democrats' promise
Washington Post Mar 02, 2003
Bush Backs Nation Building
Washington Post Feb 26, 2003
Busting Budgetary Illusions
Washington Post Mar 02, 2003
GOP Says $300B Deficit Wouldn't Be Record
Washington Post Mar 03, 2003
Bush Backs off Medicare Plan (sic)
Washington Post Feb 28, 2003
Bush Budget: No Money for Afghanistan
BBC News Feb 23, 2003
US Resolution--85% of Spaniards Oppose War
Washington Post/AP Feb 23, 2003
Bush Cited Economic Report That Doesn't Exist
Newsday.com Feb 21, 2003
Bush tax cut lies
Washington Post/AP Feb 21, 2003
Rewriting History--WH press office
Washington Post/AP Feb 14, 2003
GOP: Deficits caused by flawed Constitution
Washington Post/AP Feb 13, 2003
Terror Alert Fabricated
ABC News Feb 13, 2003
CIA says Iraq has no control over al-Qaida
Washington Post/AP Feb 11, 2003
Kurds: Powell doesn't know what he's talking about
New York Times Feb 05, 2003
Powells 'poison factory' Lie
The Observer.co.uk Feb 09, 2003
Blair's Iraq Dossier Plagiarized
Mirror.co.uk Feb 08, 2003
There is NO Bush Medicare Plan
Washington Post/AP Feb 09, 2003
Proving Mitch Daniels Lies
Whitehouse.gov/omb Feb 03, 2003
WH Says Record Deficit Is Not Record
Reuters Feb 01, 2003
Iraq: The disputed evidence
BBC News Jan 20, 2003
How did Iraq get its weapons? We sold them
Sunday Herald (British) Feb 23, 2003
The president's real goal in Iraq
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Sept 29, 2002
White House: Warheads are a violation
USA Today/AP Jan 17, 2003
'Empty Warhead' is NOT a warhead
CNN News/Dod.gov Jan 16, 2003
Lid Put on Domestic Spending
Washington Post Jan 06, 2003
You Call That Evidence?
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists 2002
Bush: Attack by Iraq Would Hurt Economy
Washington Post/AP Jan 01, 2003
Bush Is Rethinking Class Warfare
Washington Post Dec 28, 2002
9/11 Lies Continue to Fall
ABC News/Reuters Dec 10, 2002
Bin Laden tape 'not genuine'
BBC News Nov 29, 2002
Limbaugh--the UnAmerican
SpinSanity.org Nov 20, 2002
New Tax Cuts--The Face of Evil
Reuters Nov 19, 2002
Ari Fleischer Lie
New Republic June 10, 2002
Bush Lies--War, Recession or National Emergency
Washington Post July 02, 2002
For Bush, Facts Are Malleable
Washington Post/Global Exchange Nov 22, 2002
War no matter what
Reuters Nov 09, 2002
The Real Cost of War
Federation of American Scientists
Bush Seeks Cut Back on SEC's Corporate Cleanup
New York Times Oct 19, 2002
What the US president wants us to forget
Arab News Oct 09, 2002
CIA Says Iraq Unlikely to Strike US Unless Provoked
Reuters Oct 09, 2002
Atomic Energy Agency says Bush lied
Washington Times Sept 27, 2002
House Backs Medical Malpractice Reform Bill
Reuters Sept 26, 2002
Bush Says UN Risks Being Nothing but Debaters
Reuters Sept 23, 2002
Poll Shows Lies about Nukes are believed
FoxNews Sept 12, 2002
Bush Helps Iraq Through Syria
MSNBC Sept 05, 2002
Treasury admits tracking terrorist money is a joke
Reuters Sept 03, 2002
Bush Squawks Over Minor Spending
Washington Post Aug 20, 2002
Lies, Lies and More Lies
Firefighters Vote to Boycott Bush Tribute
Plan to Fight Al Qaeda Approved Week Before 9/11
Reuters Aug 04,2002
What Corporate Cleanup?
Business Week June 17, 2002
Bush to Blame Stock Woes for Bigger Deficits
Reuters 2002
Bush Got Loans He Now Seeks to End
YahooNews/AP 2002
White House Sees Budget Moving to Balance
Reuters 2002
Bush Defends Stock Sale
YahooNews/NPR/New York Times Jul 09, 2002
Whitman and Climate Report
Reuters 2002
A New Balanced Budget Amendment
Reuters 2002
Enron spent $2.5 million to lobby Bush
CBS News/Reuters 2002
Shadow government and more lies
CBS News 2002
O'Neill: No U.S. recession in 2001
Reuters 2002
Vinson & Elkins, Texas, Bush and Enron
ABC News Wire/AP 2002
Bush Doubles HS After Veto Threat
Reuters Jan 24, 2002
Bush Threatens to veto security bill
Govexec.com 2002
Where Did the Surplus Go?
CBO.gov 2002
Fussy Math--More Lies!
New York Times 2002
Bush Helped Enron--India, and Lied
Reuters 2002
Lay Supported Bush--Not Richards
Houston Chronicle 2002
Nation Building--Broken Promise
Fox News/AP
Recount Lies--the Money
ABC News Wire/AP
Deficits, The Blame Game Begins
Fox News
Bush promised $20 billion to NY
Bush's Big Government
Washington Post Jan 12, 2003
Social Security Lies
Business Week Nov 24, 2001
Stem Cell Lies
Washington Post 2001
Air Force One Lies
WSWS.org/CBS News 2001
Trashing WH Lies
Washington Post 2001
US Pays China for Plane
ABC News 2001
US Apologizes to China
Cato.org 2001