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    Resignations           This index is no longer updated
Gen. Wayne Downing: counterterrorism chief resigns
CNN, June 27, 2002
Army chief's parting shot at Rumsfeld
Chicago Sun Times, June 12, 2003
Gen. Eric Shinseki Resigns
The Associated Press, June 10, 2003
Tommy Thompson to Resign
The Associated Press, June 03, 2003
Gen. Tommy Franks to Resign
The Associated Press, May 22, 2003
U.S. Treasurer Plans to Leave in June
The Associated Press, May 22, 2003
EPA chief Christie Whitman to Resign
MSNBC, May 22, 2003
Bush Spokesman Ari Fleischer to Resign
Washington Post, May 19, 2003
OMB's Mitch Daniels Resigns
IndyStar Editorial, May 08, 2003
White Quits as U.S. Army Secretary
ABC News Wire/Reuters, Apr 25, 2003
White House Cybersecurity Adviser Resign
Washington Post/The Associated Press, Apr 21, 2003
Three Bush Advisers Quit Over Iraq Looting
Washington Post/The Associated Press, Apr 17, 2003
Richard Perle Resigns Chairmanship
Washington Post Mar 27, 2003
Top White House anti-terror boss resigns
Washington Times/UPI Post Mar 19, 2003
Third Diplomat--Mary (Ann) Wright Resigns
Government Executive Mar 21, 2003
Second_diplomat_resigns (anti-war)
CNN News/Reuters Post Mar 10, 2003
U.S. Diplomat's Letter of Resignation (anti-war)
Zmag.org Feb 28, 2003
HHS Official Janet Rehnquist to Resign
New York Times/AP Mar 05, 2003
Last Economic Adviser Resigns--Hubbard
Washington Post Feb 27, 2003
Aide on U.S. Image in Muslim World Quits
Washington Post/AP, Mar 03, 2003
Scalia Steps Down As Labor Lawyer
Kansas City.com Jan 06, 2003
Acting Secretary of Navy Stepping Down
Washington Post/AP Feb 07, 2003
AIDS Director, HHS Deputy Secretary Resign
Washington Post Feb 05, 2003
Hubbard To Leave White House
Washington Post Jan 24, 2003
Richard A. Clarke Resigns
CNN News Jan 24, 2003
Conservative Christian Homophobe Withdraws
Washington Post/AP Jan 23, 2003
Lindsey Resigns
Reuters Dec 06, 2002
Treasury Secretary O'Neill Resigns
Washington Post/AP Dec 06, 2002
Webster resigns board in turmoil
USA Today Nov 13, 2002
SEC Chief Accountant Resigns
Chicago Tribune Nov 12, 2002
Embattled SEC Chairman Pitt Resigns
Reuters Nov 06, 2002
Bush Fires Army Corps Chief
Washington Post 2002