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Black Thursday For Bush
Washington Post, July 15, 2003
Wait for the Facts
LA Weekly, July 18-24, 2003
MSNBC Cancels Michael Savage
Washington Post, July 08, 2003
Israel to boycott BBC, accusing it of "demonizing
Yahoo News/AFP/BBC, July 01, 2003
BBC warns Minister it will sue
Sunday Herald (UK), June 29, 2003
No 10 attacks the media when the spin begins to unravel
Sunday Herald (UK), June 29, 2003
Venezuela and US Media Bias
AlterNet.org, June 25, 2003
Presidential Wanna-Be's Are Inventing The WMD Myth
American Daily, June 23, 2003
The Christian Science Monitor used forged documents
The Independent (UK), June 21, 2003
Rise of the Bush Apologists
Antiwar.com, June 17, 2003
U.S. Media Caved in to the Bush Agenda
Toronto Sun/Common Dreams, June 15, 2003
All the News That's Fudged to Print
Common Dreams/The Globe & Mail (Canada), June 06, 2003
WMD: Democrats risk looking foolish
The Christian Science Monitor, June 12, 2003
The Media: Squelching Dissent
Fair.org, May/June, 2003
The New York Times lied. What's New?
Newsday.com/AP, June 05, 2003
WMD: Casus or casuistry? Defending Bush
The Economist, May 29, 2003
WMD, Intelligence and Bush
MSNBC/Meet the Press, June 01, 2003
Proposed Changes to Media Ownership Rules
The Associated Press, May 25, 2003
Speaker disrupts RC graduation
Rockford Register Star, May 20, 2003
Speaker disrupts RC graduation
Rockford Register Star, May 20, 2003
The Death of Local News
AlterNet.org, Apr 23, 2003
Why worry about who ownes the media?
MoveOn Bulletin Op-Ed, May 02, 2003
Cable Provider to Run Ad Critical of Bush
Excite News, May 13, 2003
USC students protest Bush as commencement speaker
The Associated Press, May 12, 2003
A dissenting press is unpatriotic
Gregory Palast/The Observer, May 08, 2003
ABC's Weapons "Scoop" Turns Up Empty
FAIR.org, Apr 29, 2003
CNN's Reliably Narrow Sources
FAIR.org, Mar/Apr 2003
TV watchdog checks claims of bias on Murdoch channel
The Guardian (UK), May 08, 2003
Wave the flag or be silenced
Vancouver Sun, May 03, 2003
Savage vs. Banfield: Reasons to Stop Watching NBC
Washington Post, Apr 30, 2003
Corporate-sponsored nationalism has taken root in America
In These Times, Apr 04, 2003
Reporter arrested protesting war is fired
Boston Globe, Apr 24, 2003
US Media and Venezuelan Coup
The Nation, May 09, 2002
Writer Cancels Over Cooperstown 'Bull Durham' Snub
azcentral.com, April 11, 2003
Reporters Without Borders accuses US military of firing at journalists
Media Lies: Fire a warning shot at family vehicle
Fair.org, Apr 04, 2003
More media lies--UN inspectors
Fair.org, Apr 04, 2003
Pro-Torture Pundits
More media lies--UN inspectors
Arab Media Portray War as Killing Field
New York Times, Apr 04, 2003
Arab Media Portray War as Killing Field
New York Times, Apr 04, 2003
NBC Fires Peter Arnett for saying War Plan Failed
ABCNews/AP, Mar 31, 2003
At look at the war from al-Jazeera's perspective
FAIR, Mar 25, 2003
BBC chiefs says military can't be trusted
The Guardian, Mar 28, 2003
American Media lies: Iraqi Chemical Plant and Scud Missile
FAIR, Mar 25, 2003
Al-Jazeera Defends Iraq War Coverage
YahooNews/AP Mar 27, 2003
US press downplays Blair revolt
BBC News Feb 27, 2003
Boycott of NBC,MSNBC,CNBC,GE,Microsoft
Electonic Media Feb 26, 2003
Washington Times versus Washington Post
Washington Times, Washington Post Feb 24, 2003
US press scorns Nato rebellion
BBC News Feb 11, 2003
War Networks Get War Slots
Washington Post/AP Feb 14, 2003
Netowrks Won't Air Anti-War Ads
MSNBC Feb 13, 2003
Paul Krugman Has Emerged as Bushs Harshest Critic
Washington Post Jan 22, 2003
Bush Advised to Declare Iraq in Violation of U.N.
Fox News/AP Dec 18, 2002
The media--Powell on Iraq
CNN News Dec 16, 2002
From Bozo to Churchill
Fair.org May-June, 2002
Mr. Bush, You're No Churchill
CBS News/London Aug 30, 2002