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Greenspan: Deficits threaten reduction of unemployment
Kansas City Star, July 17, 2003
New Overtime Rules
The New York Times, July 11, 2003
WTO decision on steel tariffs favors Europe
Houston Chronicle/New York Times, July 11, 2003
U.S. Manufacturing Shrank in June
Washington Post, July 02, 2003
Consumer confidence erodes in June
CNN/Money, June 27, 2003
Survey finds grueling year and fiscal woes for states
CNN, June 26, 2003
Big companies won't go out of business, They'll move
The Associated Press, June 26, 2003
US slaps 44.7% import duty on Hynix chips
ChannelNewsAsia, June 18, 2003
Soaring Heating Bills Likely Next Winter
The Associated Press, June 10, 2003
Unemployment Rate Hits 9-Year Hig
Fox News, June 07, 2003
Dollar May Fall as Investors Focus On Deficit
Bloomberg, June 03, 2003
Greenspan No 'Major Evidence' of Growth
Washington Post, June 03, 2003
Spectre of deflation looms over Germany
Reuters, May 19, 2003
Dollar Poised to Drop for a Seventh Week Against the Euro
Bloomberg, May 18, 2003
Consumer Price Stall Ups Deflation Fears
Reuters/Yahoo News, May 16, 2003
Fears growing that US economy faces risk of deflation
Financial Times (London) (UK), May 17, 2003
European Union Stands Up to American Corporations
Pravda (RU), May 08, 2003
Unemployment Rate Rose to 6% in April 2003
New York Times, May 02, 2003
GDP Grew 1.6% in First Quarter 2003
Washington Post/Reuters, Apr 25, 2003
Can States Survive Bush?
New York Times, Apr 21, 2003
Leading Economic Indicators Drop March 2003
New York Times/AP, Apr 21, 2003
For Bush, Time to Mend Economy Is Running Out
Washington Post, Apr 05, 2003
Recession II?
Money/CNN News, Mar 31, 2003
Non-Manufacturing Drops to Recession Levels
BBC News, Apr 03, 2003
GAO: Pension Program in Trouble
Washington Post/AP, Mar 31, 2003
Chicago Purchasing Managers' Index Declined in February
Quicken/Dow Jones Newswires, Mar 31, 2003
Fourth Quarter 2002: GDP grew 1.4%
ABC News Wire/Reuters, Mar 27, 2003
Seven Enron Subsidiaries Manipulated Calif. prices
Washington Post/AP, Mar 26, 2003
Consumer confidence falls to ten year low
Money.CNN, Mar 25, 2003
Investors See Weak Economy
Money.CNN, Mar 16, 2003
Retail Sales Fall 1.6% in February
New York Times/AP, Mar 13, 2003
Dems Blame Bush For High Oil Prices
CBS News Mar 05, 2003
Economy stumbles again. Oil prices hit decade high
ABC News Wire/Reuters, Mar 03, 2003
Consumer Confidence Falls to 9-Year Low
New York Times, Feb 25, 2003
IMF says conflict may cut global growth 50%
Boston Globe/Bloomberg News, Feb 18, 2003
Consumer sentiment hits 9-year low
MSNBC/Reuters, Feb 14, 2003
Bush's Credibility Gap on the Economy
Washington Post, Feb 09, 2003
Consumer Confidence hits nine year low
Financial Times, Jan 28, 2003
Poll: Most Don't Back Bush Stimulus Plan
Washington Post/AP, Jan 23, 2003
Majority in Poll Critical of Bush's Record on Economy
Washington Post, Jan 22, 2003
War fears push oil to record high
BBC News, Jan 21, 2003
Poll: Fix The Economy First
CBS News, Jan 07, 2003
War's Cost May Dwarf Stimulus Effect
Washington Post, Jan 08, 2003
Analysis Finds Little Gain in Tax-Cut Plan
Washington Post, Jan 06, 2003
Deepest Stock Decline Since Depression
Chicago Tribune, Jan 1, 2003
Violent Crime on the Rise, Second Year In A Row
Reuters Dec 16, 2002
Unemployment Hits Eight Year High
Washington Post Dec 06, 2002
Deflation to Depression--a must read
Washinton Post Nov 29, 2002
NY Fiscal Crisis Is Echoed Across Nation
Washington Post Nov 24, 2002
Fed Seen Cutting Interest Rates as Economy Cools
Reuters Nov 06, 2002
Odd Farm-Sector Surge Distorts Jobs Data
YahooNews/Reuters Nov 05, 2002
The Economy--Blame Game or Politics
Reuters Nov 03, 2002
Retail Execs Pessimistic
Reuters Oct 30, 2002
Consumer Confidence Lowest Since 1993
Consumer Research Center Oct 29, 2002
Violent Crime Rate Rises as Economy Sours
Fox News Oct 29, 2002
Public Says Bush Needs to Pay Heed to Weak Economy
New York Times Oct 07, 2002
NY Times poll (economy/war charts)
New York Times/CBS News Oct 02, 2002
Global Economy Collapsing
Reuters Oct 01, 2002
Manufacturing Shrinks, Auto Sales Slow
Reuters Oct 01, 2002
Stocks soar as war fears fall
Reuters Oct 01, 2002
Recession Arbiter Holding Out on Call
Reuters Sept 29, 2002
Oil Prices and War
Reuters Sept 30, 2002
US Poverty Rate Rises, Income Drops
Washington Post Sept 25, 2002
Seniors Having Tougher Time Seeing Doctors
Reuters Sept 05, 2002
Tight State Budgets Are Forcing Medicaid Cuts
Reuters Sept 20, 2002
US Says Oil Prices Harmful
ABC News/Reuters Sept 21, 2002
Bush begs EU not to retaliate
Reuters Sept 17, 2002
Government Employment up--Civilian Employment Down
MSNBC Sept 06, 2002
WTO rules against US
Reuters Aug 30, 2002
W sapped '90s econ. gains
New York Daily News, 2002
Three months of recession-growth drops
YahooNews/AP July 31, 2002
Wall Street rout closes grim week
BBC News July 19,3/3/03 2002
Consumer Confidence Drops
ABCNews/Reuters 2002
Ouch! Investors Lost $2.4 Trillion in '02
YahooNews/Reuters July 11, 2002
Wall Street Skeptical of Bush Reforms
Reuters 2002
Bush's tariff exemptions
Reuters 2002
Gas Prices Skyrocket
Reuters 2002
Iraq's Oil Embargo
Reuters 2002
Americans Discount Tax Cuts
YahooNews/AP 2002
U.S. Slaps Penalty on Canadian Lumber Shipments
Reuters 2002
Speaker to Fight EU Tax
Reuters 2002
Welfare jobs and minimum wage
LA Times 2002
Bush to impose tariffs on steel
EU vows to respond to U.S. steel curbs
Reuters 2002
Greenspan Pans Economic Stimulus
Reuters 2002
Third Quarter Shrinks 1.1%
ABC News
Hunger, Homelessness Rise Sharply
ABC News Wire/Reuters
Unemployment-December Report
Bureau of Labor Statistics Dec 8, 2001
Business/Consumer Confidence Falls
Bureau of Labor Statistics Dec 8, 2001
US Enters Recession Mar 2001
Conference Board 2001