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Body Found in Hunt for U.K. Expert
Bloomberg, July 18, 2003
PM's Iraq claims 'reek of dishonesty'
News.com (AU), July 11, 2003
Australia 'knew of debate over Iraqi weapons evidence'
Ireland Online, July 07, 2003
Australian PM denies he knew of US doubts
News.com (AU), July 17, 2003
U.S. punishes foes: world criminal court
The Globe/AP, July 02, 2003
Defending Bush: Saddam brought it on himself--revising history
The Age (AU), June 24, 2003
Europeans Ambivalent About America, Poll Finds
CNSNews.com London, June 18, 2003
Poll Reflects Widely Divergent Asian Views of America
CNSNews.com Pacific Rim, June 18, 2003
Global Poll: Bush viewed unfavorably by majority
CNSNews.com, June 16, 2003
What's up with France
Special to The Japan Times, June 15, 2003
Belgium appears not to respect the sovereignty of other countrie
CNSNews (UK), June 13, 2003
Reaping the World's Disfavor
Washington Post, June 11, 2003
Canadian PM assails U.S. defici
Globe and Mail (Canada), May 28, 2003
Pentagon will snub the upcoming Paris Air Show
The Associated Press, May 16, 2003
France Says It Is Target of Untruths
Washington Post, May 15, 2003
U.S. Allies Also Have Chemical Weapons
Washington Post/AP, Apr 14, 2003
Germany Rejects US Request to Forgive Iraq Loans<<br /> BBC News (UK), Mar 30, 2003
Former cabinet minister: 'Bring our troops home'
The Guardian (UK), Apr 12, 2003
Blair's Grave Mistake--US Conservatism
The Observer (UK), Mar 30, 2003
Chile Tests U.S.
Washington Post, Mar 20, 2003
South Korea: may or may not send engineers and medics
Washington Post, Mar 22, 2003
Coalition: Willing, But Not Able
Washington Post, Mar 25, 2003
Wiretapping Found at E.U. Offices
Reuters Mar 19, 2003
A coalition of do-nothingers
Knight Rider/Washington Bureau Mar 18, 2003
America's Image Further Erodes
Pew Research Center Mar 18, 2003
US ambassador under fire in Australia
ABC.net (AU) Mar 19, 2003
The Doctrine of Self-Defense is Dead
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) (AU) Mar 19, 2003
Polls around the world>
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) (AU) Mar 18, 2003
U.S. Risks Isolation and Breakdown Of Alliances
Washington Post Mar 16, 2003
U.S. Missteps Led to Failed Diplomacy
Washington Post Mar 16, 2003
Six British Demands
Islamic Republic News Agency Mar 12, 2003
Brits hint: no war
New York Times Mar 12, 2003
Rumsfeld pulls rug out from under Blair
BBC News Mar 12, 2003
A crumbling alliance
Toronto Star Mar 09, 2003
Europe and U.S. face growing split
San Francisco Chronicle/AP Mar 09, 2003
France Wants Bush at UN When US Suffers Defeat
ABC News Wire/Reuters Mar 08, 2003
US Threatens France
Independent.co.uk Feb 26, 2003
Turkey asks for $32 billion from US
Voice of America Feb 21, 2003
Turkey to US: Give us money
ABCNet/Australia Feb 18, 2003
US Risks NATO Breakup Over Iraq
Washington Post/AP Feb 11, 2003
Japanese Americans Demand Resignation
Washington Post/AP Feb 11, 2003
NATO Stops War-Monger Bush
Washington Post/AP Feb 10, 2003
Germany rules out Iraq war support
BBC News Jan 22, 2003
Allies Slow U.S. War Plans
Washington Post Jan 11, 2003
38% of Canadians Think Bush Bigger Threat Than Saddam
Reuters Dec 07, 2002
World Poll--US Wants Iraqi Oil
Washington Post Dec 04, 2002
Europeans Not Needed for Iraq Attack - US Adviser
Saudi Arabia, Our Enemy?
Reuters Aug 06, 2002
Brits Blast Rumsfeld
London/Canada Blast Bush on POW's
ABC News Wire/AP
Spain/EU Won't Extradite
ABC News

Author: Patrick Ziegler