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War on terror $7 billion a month
Billings Gazette/AP
Associated Press
October 7, 2005

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is spending about $7 billion a month to wage the war on terror, and costs could total $570 billion by the end of 2010, assuming troops are gradually brought home, a congressional report estimates.

The paper by the Congressional Research Service underscores how the price tag has been gradually rising for the war in Iraq. A year ago, the Pentagon was calculating its average monthly costs in that conflict at less than $5 billion - an amount the research service says has grown to almost $6 billion.

Those expenses are growing even as recovery costs from hurricanes Katrina and Rita and mammoth federal deficits are intensifying pressure on the Bush administration and Congress to find ways to save money.

A separate study by the Congressional Budget Office found it will be difficult for the Pentagon to sustain current troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan without rotating troops into the war zone more frequently and using more National Guard brigades. And even those steps will not be adequate long-term solutions.

The budget office study echoed earlier reports suggesting that if current combat demands continue, the Army will have serious problems keeping enough soldiers trained and ready.

Both studies add more fodder to the increasing congressional and public unease about the Iraq war, even as President Bush and members of his administration this week stepped up their defense of the war on terror.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the administration has allocated about $361 billion for military operations, reconstruction and other programs in Iraq and Afghanistan, including $50 billion for 2006 in legislation working its way through Congress, the Congressional Research Service report says. The service is one of Congress' investigative arms.

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Where's the money going to come from? Without that answer every politician who votes for more spending for this stupid war should be required to answer this question in public. When they can't answer the question (and none of them can) vote them out of office.