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Democrats urge Bush to use clout to cut gas prices
Yahoo News/AFP
October 6, 2005

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Two Democratic senators urged President George W. Bush to use his clout with top energy companies to get price breaks for US consumers at the gasoline pump.

"It doesnt seem quite right that the rest of us should be stalled by pain at the pump while Big Oil goes on a record profit-making joyride to the bank," Senator Chuck Schumer said.

"The President needs to use his relationships with Big Oil to cut a deal on behalf of the American people. I hope he can call his allies in the industry to a summit to get the best deal for the American people at this hour of our national need," Schumer said.

Before becoming governor of Texas and then US president, Bush was an oil executive in his homestate.

Schumer and fellow Democrat Barbara Mikulski urged the president to convene a summit at the White House of oil and gas company CEOs, and urge them to "be good corporate citizens" by lowering their prices.

The average price of a gallon of gasoline stands at around 2.94 dollars Thursday, about one dollar -- roughly 50 percent more than it was a year ago.

The price of oil -- about 61.00 dollars a barrel -- is more than twice what it was just two years ago.

In a letter sent to Bush Thursday, Schumer and Mikulski wrote: "Call in the oil and gas CEOs and tell them to cut their prices. Tell them that profiteering at a time of national need is unacceptable."

The letter was signed by 28 other Democratic senators including Democratic Leader Harry Reid, and Senator Hillary Clinton.

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