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Barber Cancels Ed Schultz's Debut on Armed Forces Radio
October 17,2005

Armed Forces Radio (AFR) is a station that broadcasts to American troops overseas through "over 1,000 outlets in more than 175 countries.' It currently features an hour of programming by right-wing host Rush Limbaugh. There is no comparable progressive program.

Today, that was supposed change. Ed Schultz – the host of the most popular progressive radio show in the country — was supposed to start broadcasting on Armed Forces radio. Jones Radio, the company that syndicates The Ed Shultz Show, received an email on September 29 from an Armed Forces Radio official confirming that one hour of Schultz's program would begin airing today, October 17.

But this morning at 6AM, the producer of the Ed Schultz show, James Holm, received a call from Pentagon communications aide Allison Barber. She told Holm that she was calling so early to let Schultz know his show would not begin airing on AFR today. You'll remember Barber as the aide caught coaching troops before a photo-op with President Bush last week.

Barber told Holm that the Ed Schultz show would not start on AFR today because her boss, Pentagon spokesman Larry DiRita, was out of the country and couldn't approve it. Barber also said she was going out of the country soon for a week-and-a-half. Holm asked Barber if the show would begin when DiRita and Barber returned. Barber said she couldn't guarantee that.

Here's the really interesting part. Barber told Holm she heard Ed announced that he would begin on AFR during his show Friday. Schultz's show Friday began with audio outtakes of Barber sounding foolish as she rehearsed the troops "Q&A session' with Bush.

Armed Forces Radio = Right Wing Propaganda

Hey Barber, it's called a "Free Press." Look it up, it's guaranteed in the Constitution. Violating the constitution is an impeachable offense.