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Australia's Scientists Condemn 'Intelligent Design'

October 21, 2005

Australia's scientific community Friday called for an alternative evolutionary theory known as "intelligent design" to be barred from classrooms, comparing it to spoon-bending and alien abductions.

More than 70,000 scientists and science teachers signed an open letter urging Australia's conservative government not to allow intelligent design onto school curricula.

The theory, advocated by right-wing Christian groups in the United States, says that complex biological organisms cannot be explained by evolutionary chance alone and must be the work of an intelligent designer.

It is not currently taught to Australian school students but federal Education Minister Brendan Nelson, a Christian, revealed in August he had met a group called Campus Crusade for Christ and would support it being taught alongside Darwin's theory of evolution.

The scientific community's open letter said it would be gravely concerned if intelligent design was taught in schools.

"To do so would make a mockery of Australian science teaching and throw open the door of science classes to similarly unscientific world views - be they astrology, spoon-bending, flat-earth cosmology or alien abductions - and crowd out the teaching of real science," said the letter to national newspapers.

The letter said intelligent design ignored the basic scientific principle that a theory should be testable through observation or experimentation.

"Not being able to imagine or explain how something happened other than by making a leap of faith to supernatural intervention is no basis for any science -- that is a theological or philosophical notion."

The reason Bush took us to war is because he based his entire decision on "belief" instead of facts. Schools should spend their time teaching facts, not wild stories about the Bible that we already know are untrue. Dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions of years before man. Yet, the Bible says we were all created on the same day. Hogwash. There's nothing wrong with saying the Bible is wrong. In fact, to accept this wrong, is itself intellectually inconsistent with other Biblical teachings.

If there was one ADAM & EVE or 10,000 Adams and Eves, does it matter?