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EU says no assurances from U.S. on secret prisons
November 28, 2005

BERLIN (Reuters) - The United States has told the European Union it needs more time to respond formally to reports that the CIA has run secret prisons for terrorist suspects in Eastern Europe, an EU commissioner said on Monday.

"Right now, unfortunately (we have) no formal reassurances on that," EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini told a news conference in Berlin.

A senior Commission official raised the reports with the White House and State Department on a visit to Washington last week, he said.

"They told us: 'Give us the appropriate time to evaluate the situation'," Frattini said.

Asked about possible consequences for EU-U.S. relations, he said: "Our attitude will depend on how long ... it will take" for Washington to respond to the allegations.

He said the EU's first request to the U.S. government would be to punish any violations strongly.

Frattini also reiterated that if any EU states were found to have hosted secret prisons, as reported by the Washington Post this month, they would face suspension of their voting rights in the 25-nation bloc.

"I repeat: the consequences are extremely serious," he said.

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The Bush White House is so out of touch with reality that the CIA doesn't answer to them. Apparently it's able to what it wants, when it wants and it can break our laws without any supervision from the White House. How is that possible? Is Bush lazy, corrupt, immoral, or so far out of the loop that he has no idea what's going on? No matter which he is, he's unfit for office.