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Dark days at White House
Raw Story
November 27, 2005

The war, CIA leak probe and slumping poll numbers are taking their toll at the White House and aides and advisers have "circled the wagons," beginning to think that President Bush must reconsider his course and take extreme measures to turn things around, according to early editions of Sunday's New York Daily News, RAW STORY has learned.

The newspaper describes the West Wing as "Fortress White House," with unnamed sources lamenting that Bush is "still determined to stay the course," amid advice and criticism from Republicans and the media.

"The President has always been willing to make changes, but not because someone in this town tells him to. Never!" the paper quotes a senior aide as saying.

Insiders have soured on Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and some are even down on senior aide Karl Rove for leaving spokesman Scott McClellan flapping on the wind over the CIA leak investigation. Bush loyalists think the president needs to recall Karen Hughes from the State Department to help get him back on track, the paper reports.

The basic premise of this story is ludicrous. Bush opposed "Homeland Defense" after democrats proposed it. Public opinion forced him to change and he became it's strongest advocate. He also opposed the 911 commission and an investigation into "intelligence failures." He gave in on both - though it took years. He once said he'd never give in to "nuclear blackmail" and wouldn't talk to North Korea until AFTER they disarmed. He's talking to N. Korea. He once promised to get an up or down vote in the UN to sanction his war but when he saw he was going to get his as kicked he ran away. Bush is the biggest wimp to sit in the Oval Office in my life time. Good grief. He changes when he's getting his butt kicked - every time. And he's gotten his butt kicked more than any president I can think of.

Btw, more spin can't save a failed presidency. Perhaps he should have done the right thing so he's have a single success to fall back on. Have you seen the size of the debt lately? He gave in to the whims of the big spenders in HIS party. Wimp.