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US Vet speaks out against torture at Guantanamo Bay
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May 21, 2006

 As a disabled American veteran, I am appalled by the detention camp that is in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It was plainly stated that when they created it there, it was for the purpose of ensuring that these men could not be brought before American Courts.

This is a nation based on laws, and we hold that belief that all men are created equal. Yet, we as a nation condone the President, Vice President and Secretary of Defense. In their position that the men held here are not subject to American law. The promised military tribunals have not been held, some of these men have been held five years already. When do they get their day in court?

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ news/main.jhtml?xml=news/2 006/05/19/uguantanamo.xml&a mp;sSheet=/news/2006/05/19 ixnews.html

As a soldier who voluntarily joined the military in October 1973, I took the oath all soldiers take, to uphold the constitution and the laws of this nation. Against all enemies foreign and domestic.

The office holders who are responsible for GITMO took the same or a very similar oath of office. I don't remember a line in the oaths, that allowed for the oath takers to create their own laws in addition to the constitutions or what Congress had passed.

To have these men reduce America to the point where it is being compared to the old Soviet Union and even the pre war German government, is particularly distubing to me as a disabled veteran. This is not what I sacrificed for. I believe in the law, and the fact that all men and women in America, have to obey the same laws, why do these men feel they are above it? Are they smarter than 225 years of collective wisdom, it took to put in place the laws we now obey?

These men have brought to this nation terms, like Gulag, rendition, torture, abuse, Abu Grahib.

Are these men in GITMO evil? And do they deserve to be in jail, some I am sure, but why not put them in front of a court and sentence them, if they desire to execute them, judge them and do it.

If you are going to sentence them to 30 years, send them to SuperMax, or Leavenworth, the Government owns stockades all over this nation, that can hold these men, appropriately. But give them the decency of telling them when they are going to be released if ever, their families deserve that much deceny, from the greatest nation on earth.

I will be glad when someone, anyone returns honor and dignity to the White House, because this occupant sure hasn't, I liked Nixon better, at least when he knew he was in  trouble he did the decent thing and resigned, this guy is too stupid to do that.

Has anyone else noticed the same players around Nixon are the same ones around W, Cheney and Rumsfeld were in the Office of Economic Opportunity, they were part of this nations last presidential disaster, and here they are on the sister ship of the Titanic, only it's three decades later, and this time they are the First mates.

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