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Venezuela Weighs Selling U.S. Jets to Iran
The Associated Press
May 16, 2006 12:53 PM

CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuela is considering selling its fleet of U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets to another country, perhaps Iran, in response to a U.S. ban on arms sales to President Hugo Chavez's government, a military official said Tuesday.

Gen. Alberto Muller, a senior adviser to Chavez, told The Associated Press he had recommended to the defense minister that Venezuela consider selling the 21 jets to another country.

Muller said he thought it was worthwhile to consider "the feasibility of a negotiation with Iran for the sale of those planes."

Even before the U.S. announced the ban on arms sales Monday, Washington had stopped selling Venezuela sensitive upgrades for the F-16s.

Chavez has previously warned he could share the U.S. jets with Cuba if Washington does not supply parts for the planes. He also has said he may look into buying fighter jets from Russia or China instead.

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One recommendation from one general is not necessarily true. It's most likely opinion but you know how it is these days - especially with war-media types like the AP. They want war even if they have make up news to make it happen. War is good for news profits.

The US might consider becoming the world leader in selling something other than weapons of war. And the US might consider moving away from a military based economy.