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Fox News Hides Background of Gore Critics
Reported by Judy
May 18, 2006

Fox News left out some crucial information in a report about the Washington premier of Al Gore's film on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth -- like the fact that think tanks critical of it were funded by oil companies and automakers, as well as the usual coterie of far-right bagmen.

Reporter Mike Emanuel aired a piece on "Dayside" on Thursday (May 18, 2006) on the debut of the film, noting that the film was about "what he [Gore] calls 'the climate crisis.'" Emanuel went on to say that the film's premise is disputed by groups such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which is running ads in 14 cities saying that people breathe out carbon dioxide and plants take it in, and the National Center for Policy Analysis, which argues science does not support claims of drastic increases in global temperatures. Never mind the fact that "drastic increases" are not needed to cause havoc globally. Relatively small increases will do the trick.

Emanuel must have been a busy boy because he did not take the time to tell the viewer anything about either the Competitive Enterprise Institute or the National Center for Policy Analysis. If he really were reporting so that the viewer could decide, Emanuel might have noted these facts available from Sourcewatch:

--Funding for the Competitive Enterprise Institute has come from Amoco Foundation, American Petroleum Institute, ARCO Foundation, ExxonMobil, Ford Motor Company Fund, General Motors, Texaco Inc., and Texaco Foundation, all with a vested interest in an American economy based on burning fossil fuels. CEI has helped fight automobile fuel efficiency standards over the years.
--Right-wing fanatic Michelle Malkin was once a "journalist" fellow for the institute and co-published a report that dioxin is good for you.
--Wealthy conservatives such as the Scaife family has funded both Competitive Enterprise Institute and the National Center for Policy Analysis.
--The National Center for Policy Analysis is funded also by automakers (DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund) and big oil (El Paso Energy Foundation, ExxonMobil Foundation, Koch Foundation) as well as other sources, according to Sourcewatch.

By withholding this information, Emanuel made it seem like Gore's opponents are disinterested groups taking a different view based on their reading of the "science" instead of mere shills for rich people whose interests are being threatened.

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