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Chavez threatens to cut off oil and use Euros US if embargo continues
Channel 4
May 16, 2006

Exclusive Venzuela's Hugo Chavez asserts America is trying to kill him; that if he was an Iraqi he'd take to the trenches with an RPG and fire it at them...and he treats us to a love song

He's Washington's Latin nightmare - a singing South American President on the warpath with the United States.

But Hugo Chavez of Venezuela remains defiant, despite Washington's decision yesterday to impose an arms embargo against his country.

In an exclusive television interview, he told this programme America could have its arms back - and says he will cut off oil supplies to the US if more sanctions are imposed. #

Mr Chavez has been accused of flirting with authoritarianism at home and backing despots abroad - not least in Iran, where he has forged close ties.

But he says he is protecting himself against US aggression - and says he may join forces with Tehran in their plan to undermine the US dollar by selling their oil in Euros.

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Bush is doing everything in his power to kill the US dollar and keep gas prices high. It's why he became president. He may use this as an excuse to go to war with another nearly defenseless country.

Saddam sold oil using Euros also (one of the few excuses for war that's left). Is that the real reason we went to war? Not likely, but it's a good excuse to go to war if you've already made up your mind. It should be noted the US economy would collapse over night if the world paid for oil using Euros. Banks around the world are forced to buy and keep US dollars so they can buy oil. Needless to say this keeps the dollar higher than it would otherwise be. Saddam, Iran and Venezuela know how to cripple the US. So does the rest of the world.