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CNN's Woodruff corrected Novak's Dean misquote
Media Matters
March 2, 2005

Following Media Matters for America's March 1 item noting that syndicated columnist and CNN host Robert Novak had misquoted Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean for the second time, CNN host Judy Woodruff corrected Novak's error.

On the February 28 edition of CNN's Inside Politics, Novak misquoted Dean in order to assert that Dean agrees with the Bush administration that Social Security is in crisis. Novak falsely claimed that Dean said that "over the years it's [Social Security] going to lose about 80 percent of the benefits." It was the second time in three days Novak made this erroneous assertion, which he also made on the February 26 edition of CNN's The Capital Gang.

From the March 1 edition of Inside Politics:

    WOODRUFF: CNN's Robert Novak reported an item about Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean. He said that when Dean spoke to students at Cornell University last week, Dean remarked that in 30 years, Social Security would lose 80 percent of its benefits. Bob Novak misquoted Governor Dean, it turns out. Bob tells us that he intended to report that Governor Dean said that in 30 years, if nothing changed, Social Security would be reduced to 80 percent of its current benefits. We apologize for the mistake and are happy to set the record straight.

— J.C.

Novak is one of those conservatives who's spent most of his life lying. It's about time he's put in his place.

For the politically or intellectually challenged, here's how it works. Novak or another right wing nuts states something that's a lie. Then other conservatives use that lie in a quote on their shows or newspaper columns. In this example, Rush Limbaugh quoted Novak (but not Dean) repeatedly and of course, none of it's true. This is why conservatives end up believing things that are not true.

As of this writing Novak now admits he made a series of mistakes (we call them lies) but Limbaugh refuses to tell the truth.