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Terror suspects allege MI6 torture
January 4, 2006

Three Pakistani men have publicly repeated claims they were abducted and tortured as terror suspects in Greece as British MI6 agents looked on.

At an Athens news conference, one man said he and six roommates were grabbed in their Athens home by men in plain clothes who said they were Greek police officers who pulled their shirts over their faces and drove them somewhere.

Mohammed Munir, 34, said he was interrogated in Greek for 2 1/2 hours about what he knew of the July 7 London transit bombings. He said that during the questioning he was beaten and was later warned never to mention it again or his throat would be slit, The Independent reported.

Lawyer Frangiskos Ragousis said he has filed civil charges of abduction and torture, and claimed MI6 officers broke the law after failing to report that terrorism suspects were mistreated by Greek officials.

Last week, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw described the report that MI6 agents were involved as complete nonsense.


The Britsh Courts have already ruled that evidence obtained using torture can't be used in trial. There is also strong evidence that the government was warned not to use evidence that obtained by torture because it couldn't be trusted. That evidence was later used to justify invading Iraq. Ex-Envoy: British Used Intel After Torture

LONDON - A former British ambassador has published government documents he says prove that Britain knowingly received intelligence extracted under torture from prisoners in Uzbekistan.

Craig Murray, who was removed as ambassador to Uzbekistan after going public about his concerns, defied a Foreign Office ban to publish the internal memos on his Web site Friday. The documents include memos to Foreign Office chiefs in which Murray expressed his concern over the use of "torture material."