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Bush vows to cut out the 'cowboy' talk
The Australian
January 15, 2005

WASHINGTON: George W. Bush has admitted he regrets blunt talk, such as his "dead or alive" reference to the still-at-large Osama bin Laden, that might have sent "wrong impressions" about the US to a global audience.

The US President also revealed his wife Laura had "chewed him out" over off-the-cuff remarks that reinforced his "cowboy" image overseas.

In a 50-minute question-and-answer session with reporters ahead of his inauguration next week, Mr Bush promised he would be more diplomatic in his second term.

He pointed to his use of expressions such as "bring them on", issued as a challenge to Iraqi insurgents.

"The term was a little blunt," he said in the interview, due to be aired on US television today.


He said his intention was to bolster the courage of US troops, not invite attacks on Americans.

"I remember, when I talked about Osama bin Laden, I said we're going to get him dead or alive. I guess it's not the most diplomatic of language," he added.

Mr Bush plucked the phrase from Western "wanted" posters, playing to concerns that he shoots first and asks questions later.

Mrs Bush had "chewed me out right after that", he said. "So I do have to be cautious about, you know, conveying thoughts in a way maybe that doesn't send wrong impressions about our country," he said.

He also said efforts to polish the US image in the Muslim world "aren't very robust, aren't very good", but hoped that US aid to south Asian nations affected by the December 26 tsunamis would help correct that.

Mr Bush also downplayed suggestions the US would declare victory in Iraq after the January 30 elections and bring its troops home.

Now if we only get him to stop lying and be responsible with his budgets. Then we can work on his foreign policy which is a disaster. One thing at a time. When Bush said, "No one connected the dots" it wasn't a mistake, it was a calculated excuse for failure. And when the Bush White House said, 'The president isn't a fact checker' it was a calculated excuse for lying to the congress in the State of the Union. Plain-spoken moron's commit crimes when they lie to congress.