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Gallup: 55% Now Call Iraq War a 'Mistake'
February 22, 2006

NEW YORK More Americans than nearly ever before now say the war in Iraq is a "mistake" for the United States, according to a new Gallup poll. That figure now stands at 55%, up 4% point since late January. Only once before was the figure higher, at 59%, and that was during the period of overall pessimism right after Hurricane Katrina hit.

Gallup noted that it had asked this question about other wars involving the United States, "and only the Vietnam War engendered more public opposition than the current Iraq War. " The peak opposition to the Vietnam conflict was 61%. That figure for the generally unpopular Korean War was 51%.

When asked to assess the progress of the war, only 31% say the United States and its allies are winning the war – the lowest Gallup has measured to date. "A majority of Americans, 55%, say neither side is winning the war, while just 10% say the insurgents in Iraq are winning," Gallup reports.

The polll questioned exactly 1000 adults across the country this month.