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Veteran rocker takes aim at Bush
April 19, 2006

Veteran rocker Neil Young has recorded a protest album featuring an anti-Iraq war track with "a holy vow to never kill again" and a song titled Let's Impeach the President, the singer said on Monday.

The 10-track set, called Living with War, was recorded this month by a "power trio" – electric guitar, bass and drums – plus trumpet and a 100-member choir, the Canadian-born musician announced on his website.

Young, 60, is the latest in a string of big-name recording stars to take musical aim at President Bush and the war in the Iraq. Others have included Steve Earle (Rich Man's War), Willie Nelson (What Ever Happened to Peace on Earth?) and the Rolling Stones (Sweet Neo Con).

But Living with War may be the most heavy-hitting anti-Bush protest yet to surface from a major rock star. In a message crawl along the bottom of his website, www.neilyoung.com, Young drew parallels to two of the leading protest singers of the 1960s, saying of his new record: "I think it is a metal version of Ochs and Dylan."

The crawl goes on to reveal the lyrics of the album's title track, with such lines as: I raise my hand in peace, I never bow to the laws of the thought police, I take a holy vow, to never kill again, In the big hotels, in the mosques and the doors of the old museum, I take a holy vow, to never kill again.

Roberts confirmed that a separate song on the album is titled Let's Impeach the President. He declined to disclose any further details. But according to some online reports, that song accuses Bush of "lying" and features a rap with the president's voice set against a choir singing "flip-flop". – Reuters

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