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"Dedicated to exposing the lies and impeachable offenses of George W. Bush"

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December 29, 2005

Powerful, Congressional representative and Detroit Democrat John Conyers has introduced a House resolution to create a Select Committee with subpoena authority to investigate the misconduct of the Bush Administration. Conyers' resolution cites "the Iraq war and ... possible impeachable offenses; as well as resolutions proposing both President Bush and Vice-President Cheney [that] should be censured by Congress based on the uncontroverted evidence of their abuse of power." The report is entitled "Demand Censure and Accountability for Misconduct by Bush and Cheney in Iraq War."

In an email to supporters, Conyers requests signatures for the censure resolution. A donation fetches "a copy of the published report signed by Congressman Conyers" available on the "Iraq Report Action Center" of Conyers' website.

The report, according to Conyers' e-mail, highlights "the wrongheadedness of the Bush Administration and ... the danger of one party rule in Washington. [Also] the inability of the Republican Congress to operate as any sort of check or balance on the Administration. And Conyers adds, "It is important that we as a nation say "never again' to going to war under false pretenses, and covering up official wrongdoing. Thank you for helping me look at these problems, and please pass on this email to friends and colleagues who may be interested in this issue as well."



I am taking steps against the Bush Administration's handling of the Iraq War and its collection of intelligence. I am going to need you to stand with me in fighting for accountability.

Join me to demand censure for Bush and Cheney in addition to the creation of a Special Committee to investigate impeaching the Bush Administration for its widespread abuses of power.

I have sought answers from the administration to questions arising from the Downing Street Minutes, the Valerie Plame leak, and scores of other abominable abuses of power that pervade the activities of this White House. 121 Members of Congress and many citizens like you have joined me in asking these questions of the President.

I have just completed a thorough review of this administration's misconduct and have produced a 250-page report that provides evidence suggesting further steps to be taken. [A copy of the report may be found at Raw and also at where additional action items may be found.]

It is time to take bolder measures in our pursuit of justice. This White House has responded to questions about its conduct with misleading statements, obfuscation, and vicious attacks against their critics. We must take the next step towards restoring accountability in our federal government. To this end I have:

• Introduced a resolution of censure for both President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, and;

• I am calling upon Congress to create a select committee similar to the Ervin Committee, which investigated President Nixon's Watergate crimes. This select committee should investigate those offenses which appear to rise to the level of impeachment.

This administration must be held accountable for its misdeeds. We have considerable work to do and I am going to need your help to make this effort successful. Join me in sending a message to the President, the media, and the American people that we are not going to stand for an imperial presidency any longer.

Sincerely, John Conyers

Conyers' Website

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It's important to recall that polling companies push every right wing hot button the GOP comes up with. Take for example, "intelligent design" and "creationism." There isn't a single reputable scientist who thinks we should teach non-science in class rooms but nearly every polling company ran this question many times. These same polling companies refuse to poll the "impeach bush" question and they change their excuses as fast as Bush changed his excuse for going to war in Iraq.

When time permits ask them to poll a question similar to this; "The Bush Administration admits is engaged in wiretaps without court orders which is a violation of US law. Should the congress impeach him and remove him from office?