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Limbaugh's medical records seized
From Susan Candiotti
Thursday, December 4, 2003 Posted: 3:28 PM EST (2028 GMT)

CNN) -- An attorney for Rush Limbaugh said Thursday the conservative radio host's medical records have been seized by Florida prosecutors.

"We have been informed that this afternoon the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office will announce that it has seized the medical records of four doctors who treated Rush Limbaugh for serious medical conditions and the pain resulting from them," lawyer Roy Black said in a written statement Limbaugh read during his show.

"In fact, what these records show is that Mr. Limbaugh suffered extreme pain and had legitimate reasons for taking pain medication. Unfortunately, because of Mr. Limbaugh's prominence and well-known political opinions, he is being subjected to an invasion of privacy no citizen of this republic should endure.

"Let us make our position clear: Rush Limbaugh is not part of a drug ring. He was never a target of a drug investigation. He became addicted to a prescription drug during legitimate medical treatment. He has publicly admitted this problem and has successfully sought treatment, which continues today.

"We won't speculate on why the State Attorney's Office is handling Mr. Limbaugh's case the way it is. But what should be a responsible investigation is looking more and more like a fishing expedition."

A law enforcement source familiar with the investigation said investigators searched Limbaugh's doctors' offices in Florida and New York.

A search warrant was served recently and a list of what was seized is expected to be filed with a court clerk's office in Palm Beach County, Florida, as early as Thursday, the source said.

Law enforcement sources tell CNN they are continuing to conduct a criminal investigation of the popular and outspoken talk show host as part of an ongoing investigation into the illegal sale of prescription painkillers.

A spokesman for the Palm Beach County state attorney did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment.

Police are investigating claims by Limbaugh's former housekeeper that she illegally sold Limbaugh thousands of prescription painkillers.

Limbaugh returned to the airways last month after a five-week rehabilitation program to help him overcome his addiction.

The commentator's radio show is syndicated on about 600 radio stations nationwide and reaches an audience of about 14 million people each week.

In the past, Limbaugh has said on his show that drug crimes deserve to be punished.

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Note how the opening four paragraphs are devoted to the Limbaugh spin and the total absense of an opposing quote or point of view. 100% conservative spin passing as news.

Now imagine any other suspect getting the first four paragraphs in a CNN article to attack a prosecutor. CNN has become part of the vast right wing conspiracy. They even advertized (as news of course) Rush's return to radio. Imagine another drug addict getting as much free promotion CNN and all the other news organization in the US have given Rush. It's appalling what passes for news these days isn't it.

Maybe when President Dean is in office our media will once again undertand what its role is, in fact you can bet on it. The media will attempt to destroy President Dean before the election and if they fail, they'll try again when he's president. But, not to worry, they'll promote and advertize right wing spin around the clock just like they promoted Bush's lies about WMD and his lies about a threat to our national security?