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CBS Affiliate Will Not Air Sheehan Ad Because There Is "No Proof" Of Absence Of WMD In Iraq...
Posted August 23, 2005 10:36 PM

Boise, Idaho affiliates CBS and FOX have refused to air a television ad in which Cindy Sheehan asks President Bush questions about the Iraq war.

Sheehan "claims the President lied about, among other things, the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,' said Jeff Anderson the Vice President of sales at Fisher Broadcasting Inc., which owns KBCI (CBS). "There is no proof that we are aware of regarding the truthfulness of her claim. We require proof of claims such as this. Until that is provided, our station will not carry this ad.'

The same ad began airing in Salt Lake City on Monday on NBC CBS and FOX affiliates.

The timing of the ads coincides with the President's visit to nearby Donnelly, Idaho where the President will be staying through Wednesday.

To view the ad, go to and click on "Watch Cindy's Message.'

Every ad must be accurate? Hmm, how does one prove Bud Lite is better than Miller Lite?

Ms. Sheehan's ads have been banned in some parts of Utah also. It's all about free speech, or the lack thereof. Do you ever wonder why some cities and states vote for republican? Now you know.