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Impeach Bush

CNN Refuses to Air Log Cabin Republicans Television Ad Christopher Barron
August 31, 2004

(Washington, DC)—CNN has informed the Log Cabin Republicans that it will not air their new television advertising campaign, which is a response to the politics of fear and intolerance.  Unlike CNN, other broadcast outlets are airing the ad. The network claims that images in the ad are "too controversial."  "We are deeply disappointed that CNN has refused our voices the opportunity to be heard.  Last week we told the Republican Party that you cannot sugarcoat the vicious and mean-spirited platform, today we want CNN to know that you cannot sugarcoat the politics of fear and intolerance that lead to hate," said Log Cabin Executive Director Patrick Guerriero.

The 30-second commercial is being broadcast during the Republican National Convention in New York City and on other cable stations nationwide.  The ad begins with footage from President Ronald Reagan's 1992 speech at the Republican National Convention in Houston.  President Reagan said, "Whatever else history may say about me when I'm gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears."  The commercial offers a clear choice for the GOP:  follow President Reagan's lead by uniting Republicans on common beliefs or follow Jerry Falwell, Pat Buchanan and Rick Santorum's lead by dividing the GOP with an intolerant social agenda based on fear and exclusion.  The ad closes with images of the Reverend Fred Phelps holding a sign that reads "God Hates Fags," at the funeral of hate crime victim Matthew Shepard.

I've always been puzzled by the gay republicans willingness to stay with a party that says democrats don't have family values because they support gays. Granted the democrat party is nearly worthless on almost every issue, but at least it's not morally corrupt.

Do conservative republicans thing gays don't have families or family values? Or do they think their families are better than all the families that have gay family members?

If I vote this year and it's still highly doubtful that I will, I'll vote for Kerry. Here are my reasons. First, republicans borrow money and give it away, which creates massive debt for the next generation. There is no such thing as a tax cut when we have deficits. Bush has already created $1.6 trillion of future taxes (debt). He's doesn't have a clue how to govern responsibly.

Second, republicans think their family values are better than mine. Obviously this wreaks of hypocrisy. Hating an entire group of people because of who they are instead of what they've done is reminiscent of Hitlerism.

Finally, I won't vote for Bush because he doesn't have the intellect to figure things out, especially the WMD stuff. Even after the UN inspectors called his intelligence "garbage" not only did he continue to believe that bogus crap but he attacked the UN for daring to expose his lies. His mind is too small to be president.

So what do you think of CNN banning more ads You may recall they banned all anti Bush ads prior to the war and they banned all anti war ads. CNN is as worthless as Fox (good God, is that possible?). Anyway, I don't watch cable news anymore. In fact almost everyone I know thinks it's a wasteland. Maybe if enough people stop watching that crap it'll go away.