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Dems lay out plan to end the war
Washington Post
Jonathan Weisman
April 23, 2007

House and Senate negotiators reached agreement on language to begin bringing U.S. troops home as early as this July. The final legislation:

-- Establishes benchmarks for the government of Iraq, including measurable progress in developing Iraqi security forces, giving U.S. troops more authority to pursue Islamist extremists, establishing a program to disarm militia, pursuing Sunni-Shiite reconciliation initiatives, enacting an oil revenue-sharing law, easing the program to oust all former Baath Party members from the government, reducing sectarian violence and protecting minority rights.

-- If the president fails to determine that the benchmarks are being met, troops shall begin withdrawing by July 1, 2007, with a goal of completing withdrawal 180 days later.

-- If the president determines the benchmarks are being met, troops shall begin withdrawals by Oct. 1, 2007, with a goal of completing the withdrawals 180 days later.

-- U.S. forces may remain in Iraq to protect U.S. personnel and facilities, serve in diplomatic positions, pursue al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and train and equip Iraqi forces.

-- Jonathan Weisman

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