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In Support Of Mutiny - a republican speaks out
Information Clearing House
By Dennis Morrisseau
April 29, 2006

Just this past week there was a flicker of information or rumor across the internet that a number of senior U.S. Military officers had threatened to resign if the Iran Operation comes on, as it now looks like it will. In addition, it was said that DoD was treating the communication of the threat to resign as a "mutiny". (Against civilain authority was the Administration's spin.) If, in fact, such a thing did occur, it is indeed a mutiny in my opinion. One I have been expecting for quite some time. The Administration's planned attack on Iran following upon the Bush/Cheney disaster in Iraq is indeed likely to stimulate a mutiny among our armed forces.

As a declared candidate for Congress here in Vermont and a former Army officer myself, with some legal training, I hereby formally state that I support the "mutineers" if they exist. And if they are so far only rumors, only ghosts, then I hope to God that real flesh and blood American soldiers will stand against war in Iran soon. It has come to that. I will support it.

("Big Dark coming," Hunter Thompson is reported to have written in his suicide note not long ago. There was a journalist! Making the tough public call.)

There is no legal or Constitutional authority, to date, under which this administration can proceed to an attack on Iran, much less one involving an unprovoked and unnecessary resort to nuclear weaponry. There has been no Declaration of War. And if this Congress-- almost all of whom ought to be immediately retired--does not declare war on Iran, then no attack on that nation by American forces should be permitted. Congress and courts having now largely failed us, we must rely on the courage and the honor of our military. I believe they will do their duty which is to disobey all unlawful orders.

Should our military fail us now, we must act ourselves. If the good men and women who wear our uniform will not refuse unlawful duty, and those more compliant with authority will not stand down in the face of the threatened attack, then we the people must immediately take the present government down. Our only means to do so in time, is to stop work entirely coast to coast and walk into the streets together. We cannot wait for the upcoming elections I am afraid.

I recommend a general strike across the country, and the withholding of all federal tax monies by each of us, if the Bush Administration does not in the coming weeks forswear an attack on Iran. We should do the same if the present Congress refuses to meet its duty to check this madness by passing a formal Declaration That No State of War Exists between the United States and Iran , forbidding the planned attack by that device.

Dennis Morrisseau is a former Army Lieutenant and now a Republican candidate for the U.S. House from Vermont. He was court-martialled in 1968 for refusing transport to Vietnam after openly criticising that war while a uniformed Army officer. Morrisseau prevailed in the court-martial. He has called for the impeachment of both Bush & Cheney www.impeachbush.tv/editorials/dmorso_050819.html

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